One Hour One-Offs

Hey everyone, it's Alex, Blake and Derek. Welcome to One Hour One Offs, the only RPG podcast with a real life timer. Each episode will be a one real life hour long competition between player and DM, where the DM uses an in game contingency to end the session in disaster at the end of the hour. It is up to the player to use wit, wiles, and a healthy dose of luck to persevere, and prevent whatever dastardly plan the DM has in place. If fighting god mono e mono sounds unfair, it is, that's why our third cast member will act as moderator ensuring that everybody has a fighting chance. There are two main systems we are focusing on: the Star Wars Fantasy Flight Games system, and DnD fifth edition, with a mystery slot thrown in where the DM can bring any system they want to the table. So without further ado… hop on in and take a listen.


Post Show 5
Show Details43min 41s
Charity Gauntlet
Show Details38min 37s
Venator Escape
Show Details56min 55s
Post Show 4
Show Details34min 47s
A Poisoned Soul
Show Details1hr 5min
Post Show 3
Show Details47min 6s
Spice Retrieval
Show Details1hr 11min
Post Show 2
Show Details24min 40s
The Shadow in the Hill
Show Details1hr 18min
Post Show 1
Show Details13min 53s
Bombs Under Bespin
Show Details1hr 9min