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Each Sunday, join Ido Singer, a college basketball coach, as he blends the powerful life-lessons of two great leaders into one actionable message you can put into motion immediately. In a never been done before format, Ido explores many inspiration, motivation, business, mental health, entrepreneurial and uplifting messages and creates a mash-up you can learn from as well as act upon in under 10-minutes to better your life today.


A One Last Thought Announcement
Show Details1min 21s
Don't Panic - Kinsey Grant, Darren Paltrowitz - Episode 66
Show Details9min 18s
Life Is Your Training Session - Alex Demczak, Mike "C-Roc" Cirrocco - Episode 65
Show Details10min 36s
It's Not About You - David Meerman Scott, Matt Baxter - Episode 64
Show Details9min 19s
Lead with A Teacher's Heart and A Student's Mind - Tony Daussat, Adam J. Carswell - Episode 63
Show Details6min 8s
Be A Livitfulist - Lucas Espada, Chad Bourquin - Episode 62
Show Details9min 18s
YOU Are Enough - Khadija J. Head, Alex Sanfilippo - Episode 61
Show Details9min 56s
The Only Thing You Can Control is what You Do Today - Jamie Hantman, Dustin Matthews - Episode 60
Show Details10min 1s
Be B.O.L.D. - Evingerlean D. B. Hudson, Josh Tapp - Episode 59
Show Details9min 16s
Pain Isn't a Wall - It's a Doorway - Melissa Wilson, Bill Protzmann - Episode 58
Show Details8min 17s
Own Your Sandbox - Acamea Deadwiler, Eliza VanCort - Episode 57
Show Details9min 23s
Happiness is Your Responsibility - Eraina Ferguson, Art Morrison - Episode 56
Show Details10min 10s
Bubblegum for Your Ears - Dawn Sherine, Glen Gould - Episode 55
Show Details10min 20s
Inaction Costs You More Than Anything Else - Lynn Whitbeck, Bill Carmody - Episode 54
Show Details6min 24s
It Was One of the Worst Days of My Life - Heather Dugan, Shlomi Ron - Episode 53
Show Details10min 44s
Scarred But Smarter - Tisha Marie Pelletier, Randy Brown - Episode 52
Show Details11min 4s
There Are Two Kinds of People In this World - Carolyn Kiel, Kevin Eastman - Episode 51
Show Details10min 6s
Your Greatest Day is Yet to Come - Episode 50 - A TRIPLE!
Show Details10min 59s
Always Think of the Greater Good - Cassandra McClure, Chuck Gollop - Episode 49
Show Details9min 59s
The Love We Fail to Share is the Only Pain We Live With - AdaPia d'Errico, Brian Biro - Episode 48
Show Details11min 9s
Never Lose Yourself - Nadine Hatzitolios McGill, Marko Danial (Pharaoic) - Episode 47
Show Details7min 11s
You CAN Turn Crisis Into Opportunity - Virginia Franco, Jeff Tippett - Episode 46
Show Details10min 55s
Be A Loser - Marina Barayeva, Tyler Pazik - Episode 45
Show Details10min 44s
What I Did With My Day Planner - Carolyn Bennett Sullivan, Shep Hyken - Episode 44
Show Details9min 41s
You're the Smartest Person You Know - Dr. Jessica Temple, Paul O’Connor - Episode 43
Show Details9min 39s
Unplug - Amanda Alexander, Jon Macaskill - Episode 42
Show Details7min 14s
Are You Really Living? - Christine Chen, Abhijit Naskar - Episode 41
Show Details7min 11s
Do You Really Want Success, Or Just What It Looks Like? - Stacey Osorio, Jon Jack - Episode 40
Show Details7min 25s
Some of the People Closest to You Are Wrong - Tiffany Willard Dodson, Larry Becker - Episode 39
Show Details10min 4s
Can Kindness Save A Life? - Nicole Detling, Courtney Brazile - Episode 38
Show Details9min 43s
A special announcement!
Show Details1min 7s
Healing is Your Responsibility - Stacy-Ann Buchanan, Bj Fletcher - Episode 37
Show Details7min 27s
BONUS EPISODE - A Letter to My Son - Erol Ertumen - Episode 36
Show Details7min 37s
Ask Yourself These Two Questions - Lori Shemek, Josh Steimle - Episode 35
Show Details9min 32s
What Are You REALLY Willing to Do for Others? - Sunny Slaughter, Ron Sukenick - Episode 34
Show Details7min 33s
How to Get What You Want - Dr. Rachel Headley, Dave Stachowiak - Episode 33
Show Details7min 29s
You Just Need to Start - Keetria Garner-Chambers, Kevin Horek - Episode 32
Show Details7min 29s
How I Met My Wife - Ido Singer - Episode 31
Show Details9min 26s
The Strangest Secret - Dana Brownlee, Daniel Bauer - Episode 30
Show Details9min 33s
We Repeat What We Don't Repair - Janelle Odair, Ethan Fisher - Episode 29
Show Details7min 38s
Dead Right - Leta Greene, Jamy Bechler - Episode 28
Show Details9min 4s
A Live Worth Living - Jennie Lynn, Gabriel Ronkai - Episode 27
Show Details7min 1s
Can You Imagine Better? - Navroop Sahdev, Patrick Williams - Episode 26
Show Details9min 4s
We Can All Be Awesome - Dr. Andrea Curry, Rabbi Elchanan Poupko - Episode 25
Show Details7min 2s
Self-Development is a Choice - Lori Lee, Brendan Cutuli - Episode 24
Show Details7min 43s
Embrace What Makes You Different - Carol Campos, Cris Beswick - Episode 23
Show Details9min 34s
Who Are You and How Would Anyone Know? - Precious Price, Randy Brown - Episode 22
Show Details9min 36s
Tell Me Something Good - Steve Nudelberg - Episode 21
Show Details7min 33s
There Is Nothing That Can't Be Learned - Chloe Nevarez, Garry Moise - Episode 20
Show Details7min 38s
The Best with What They Know - Dr. Marcia Reynolds, TJ Rosene - Episode 19
Show Details7min 23s
Too Much Is At Stake - Padmini Nidumolu, Max Klapow - Episode 18
Show Details9min 33s
We Are All Unique Experiments of One - Emma Doyle, Stewart Hardy - Episode 17
Show Details7min 23s
Every Door Has A Hinge - Mindi Rosser, Dr. Rob Bell - Episode 16
Show Details7min 20s
If the Body Believes, the Mind Will Follow - Celeste DeCamps, Brett Baughman - Episode 15
Show Details7min 22s
What Will You Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life? - Angela Shaw, Joe Ferraro - Episode 14
Show Details7min 23s
I Had A Near-Death Experience - Anna Jelen, DeVernie Winston - Episode 13
Show Details7min 23s
Why Be 'A' When You Can Be 'THE'? - Heather Younger, Ryan Avery - Episode 12
Show Details7min 23s
I Want to Talk About Fear - Hope Bolinger, Jared Zeidman - Episode 10
Show Details7min 13s
Let Me Tell You A Story - Alan Stein Jr. - Episode 11
Show Details9min 35s
I Want You to Try It - Dion Metzger, Joshua Spodek - Episode 09
Show Details7min 23s
Meet the Future You - Heather Parady, Jordan Gross - Episode 08
Show Details7min 23s
The 3 P's - Biana Kovic, Chip Baker - Episode 07
Show Details7min 23s
Don't Forget to Breathe - Jennipher Walters, Michael OBrien - Episode 06
Show Details7min 20s
I Forgot My "WHY" - Joi Walker, Matthew Mullins - Episode 05
Show Details7min 23s
Do It For the Story - Alex Perry, Brian Ford - Episode 04
Show Details9min 47s
You Have This Magic Wand... - Dr. Amanda Barrientez, Clayton Smeltzer - Episode 03
Show Details7min 17s
I Wrote My Own Eulogy - Ashley M. Williams, Jesse Cole - Episode 02
Show Details7min 43s
The Second Arrow - Amy Reed, Pedro Pena III - Episode 01
Show Details7min 9s
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