BONUS: Batman Returns w/Priscilla Page

Season 15 | Episode 18
37m | Apr 17, 2024

On this very special bonus episode of the One Heat Minute Productions podcast, I find an excuse to gush about BATMAN RETURNS with the powerhouse film mind of my friend Priscilla Page.

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Hey! I'm Priscilla Page, and I'm a writer who's been published by Hagerty, Birth.Movies.Death., Autoweek, Polygon, Empire Magazine, The Guardian, Inside Hook, and Bright Wall/Dark Room. I love all kinds of movies but mostly cover genre, especially actioners, thrillers, sci-fi, horror, crime, pulp, westerns, and noir. These days I write a bunch about movies with cool cars and car chases. Most of my car-related film writing can be found here, and a lot of my other essays are here

Freelancing, as it turns out, is hard as hell. The pandemic eliminated both my primary outlet (RIP Birth.Movies.Death.) and my day job (petsitting), so it's Patreon that allows me to keep writing, to share deep dives on my favorite movies and TV series as well as some of my articles that have previously only been published in magazines... and maybe even a few interviews. Frankly, I love having the luxury of being able to write about what I want regardless of how topical my subject is, to create my own deadlines, to research as much as I need, and to avoid clickbait bullshit altogether. I get to be beholden to my actual readers, rather than what an outlet thinks their readers want. Basically, Patreon and my patrons give me (much-appreciated) security, time, and freedom. It lets me keep doing what I love to do.

So pledge what you want, and if you can't pledge anything, don't sweat it - every post will be available to patrons and non-patrons alike, for free, forever. 

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