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On The Verge is focused on the Baltimore Orioles, and the Orioles Minor League system. The show is hosted by Bob Phelan, Zach Spedden, and Nick Stevens. The trio give their thoughts on the prospects ascending the ranks. The show is a part of Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL). Show Twitter: BSLOnTheVerge


We Must Protect These Guys
Show Details1hr 10min
Players Named Later
Show Details56min 9s
Fall Instructional Roster Breakdown
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2020 Season Recap
Show Details56min 45s
To Tender or Not to Tender, 2020 Edition
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The Young, the Hurt, and the Others
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Kremer of the Crop
Show Details53min 17s
2020 Trade Deadline Special
Show Details52min 46s
King of the Castle
Show Details51min 32s
Akin for Some Prospects
Show Details37min 54s
Give Us Ryan Mountcastle
Show Details58min 12s
On the Verge (of Collapse)
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2020 Season Predictions
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Episode 10
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Episode 9
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Episode 8
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Episode 7
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Episode 6
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Episode 5
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Episode 4
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Episode 3
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Episode 2
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Welcome to The Verge
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Coming Soon
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