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Forgotten True Crime

Join proud Host, Trevor Shelby, as he digs into the most interesting stories that show the darker side of True Crime. Every episode we will feature a true crime story that has been forgotten through time. We will cover Cold Cases, Missing Persons, Serial Killers, and Horrible Crimes that happened in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.


The Ghosts Revenge - Murder in San Quentin
Show Details18min 11s
Bonus - The Murder of Mildred Mowry - Torch Slayer 3 & 4
Show Details44min 23s
Bonus - The Murder of Margaret Brown - Torch Slayer 1 & 2
Show Details38min 39s
The Murder of little Robert Franks
Show Details36min 18s
The Torch Slayer - Part Four
Show Details24min 57s
The Torch Slayer - Part Three
Show Details22min 19s
The Torch Slayer - Part Two
Show Details20min 7s
(Bonus) Seven Feet Deep - Parts One and Two
Show Details34min 38s
The Torch Slayer - Part One
Show Details20min 32s
Seven Feet Deep - Part Two
Show Details16min 52s
Seven Feet Deep - Part One
Show Details22min 12s
The Unsolved Murder of Kate Teal
Show Details20min 5s
The Intruder - The Murder of Albert Snyder
Show Details34min 18s
(Bonus) Forbidden Love - Parts One and Two
Show Details44min 58s
Forbidden Love - Part Two
Show Details24min 9s
Forbidden Love - Part 1
Show Details24min 17s
Bonus: Silent Night Deadly Night Series
Show Details48min 50s
The Visitor
Show Details18min 41s
Silent Night Deadly Night - Part 3
Show Details17min 1s
Silent Night, Deadly Night - Part 2
Show Details19min 2s
Silent Night, Deadly Night - Part 1
Show Details22min 2s
The Christmas Tree Murder Case
Show Details17min 1s
A Fatal Decision in New York
Show Details23min 38s
Midnight in San Francisco
Show Details22min 42s
The Murder of Lottie Yates
Show Details20min 3s
The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders
Show Details29min 1s
BONUS: The Murder of Addie Gilmore
Show Details15min 7s
BONUS: All 2020 Halloween Episodes
Show Details25min 29s
The Real Candy Man
Show Details18min 11s
Three is a Crowd
Show Details27min 55s
Prison Ghost Stories
Show Details28min 1s
The Killer Next Door
Show Details26min 1s
45: Specters on the Trail
Show Details20min 38s
44: The 1883 Murder of Capitalist Nicholas Skerritt
Show Details16min 5s
43: Trouble From Texas - The Shocking Story of Ernest Oglesby
Show Details27min 19s
42: The Tri-State Spook Lights
Show Details24min 1s
Bonus: The Buried Bodies Case - The Robert Garrow Story
Show Details44min 35s
41: Murder on Route 66. The Unfortunate Fate of Julia Abby
Show Details30min 1s
40: Dead Woman's Crossing - The Kate James Story
Show Details11min 1s
39: Where is Daniel Robinson?
Show Details9min 36s
38: Ella Myers and the Guthrie Ghost with Blood-Red Hands
Show Details15min 25s
37: The Disappearance of the Beautiful Eduora Cunningham
Show Details25min 51s
36: The Buried Bodies Case - Part 3 - The Robert Garrow Story
Show Details15min 1s
35: The Buried Bodies Case - Part 2 - The Robert Garrow Story
Show Details20min 2s
34: The Buried Bodies Case - Part 1 - The Robert Garrow Story
Show Details20min 4s
Bonus: The Sensational Killing of the Prominent Attorney, Alexander Crittenden
Show Details11min 15s
33: The New York Trolley Killings
Show Details26min 27s
Bonus: The Murder of George Hill for a Worthless Cluster of Imitation Diamonds
Show Details11min 39s
32: The Hitchhike Slayers
Show Details21min 26s
31: A Shot to the Heart - The Murder of School Teacher Jewel Stephens
Show Details13min 6s
30: Love Triangle - The Murder of Ralph Hubbard - Part 2
Show Details11min 21s
29: Love Triangle - The Murder of Ralph Hubbard - Part 1
Show Details12min 16s
Bonus: Andrew Eastep and Ila Hughes, Lovers and Killers
Show Details15min 42s
Bonus Episode - A Woman Scorned - The Murder of Eva Johnson
Show Details4min 17s
28: The Over 100 Year Old Unsolved Murder of Benjamin Carrol Sargent
Show Details12min 21s
27: The Matthew Kimes Gang and the 1927 Murder of Police Chief McAnnally in Beggs, Oklahoma
Show Details20min 39s
26: The love letter that lead to murder - The Death of Tom Craighead in Caddo, Oklahoma
Show Details21min 32s
25: Greed and the Death of Joe Novotny in Tonkawa, Oklahoma
Show Details14min 55s
Bonus Episode - The Midwest City Cannibal
Show Details24min 19s
24: The Murder of 19 Year Old Ruth Harris
Show Details14min 35s
23: Infamous Oklahoman’s - Christina Marie Riggs
Show Details18min 39s
22: Infamous Oklahoman’s: Richard Lee McNair
Show Details21min 23s
21: Infamous Oklahoman’s: Donald Eugene Webb
Show Details17min 43s
20: The 1934 Tulsa, Oklahoma Shootout
Show Details21min 48s
19: Haunted Oklahoma - Zip Wyatt the Ghost of Enid Oklahoma.
Show Details20min 51s
18: Haunted Oklahoma - The Ghost of Robbers Roost
Show Details10min 19s
17: The Death of Della Oliver
Show Details26min 20s
16: The Disappearance of Amber Barker
Show Details30min 48s
15: The death of 18 year old Billie Grayson
Show Details20min 50s
14: Chester Barrett - The Strychnine Solution
Show Details18min 32s
13: The 2020 Arrest of Anil Azmat - Did he kill Baby Amora?
Show Details16min 21s
Bonus: Short Way Back Wednesday Episodes
Show Details31min 40s
12: The Death of State Trooper John Barter
Show Details17min 5s
11: The Unfortunate Outlaw Al Jennings
Show Details15min 53s
10: The Geronimo Bank Massacre
Show Details18min 49s
9: The Rise and Fall of Wiley U. Lynn
Show Details18min 35s
8: Charles Troy Coleman - The Muskogee Murderer and Jail Escapee
Show Details17min 28s
7: Okie History - Andrew Eastep and Ila Hughes, Lovers and Killers
Show Details18min 24s
6: (Part 2) The Murder of 12 year old Jenipher Junaell Gilbert
Show Details18min 31s
5: Okie History - The Murder of Bobby Igo
Show Details13min 44s
4: (Part 1) The Murder of 12 year old Jenipher Junaell Gilbert
Show Details22min 31s
3: The Oklahoma Cannibal - Gregory W. Canatis
Show Details23min 51s
2: Oklahoma Death Row Stories - Brenda Andrew and James Pavatt
Show Details29min 33s
1: The Disappearance of Rozlin and Fawn Abell - 35 Years and No Answers
Show Details29min 57s