Oíche Mhaith - by Scéalta Damhsa

Sharing short dance stories with you every Sunday night during the Irish winter months between Samhain and Imbolg to make those long dark nights a bit less long.

Every Sunday at 9pm Irish time between October 31st and February 1st.

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Faery Garden by Chris Collins

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Oíche Mhaith - Ep. 05 - Unearthing Your Traditions - by Scéalta Damhsa
Show Details22min 49s
Oíche Mhaith - Ep. 04 - The Postman - by Scéalta Damhsa
Show Details24min 28s
Oíche Mhaith - Ep. 03 - Mingling Amongst Generations - by Scéalta Damhsa
Show Details18min 40s
Oíche Mhaith - Ep. 02 - The Halloween Feis - by Scéalta Damhsa
Show Details15min 50s
Oíche Mhaith - Ep. 01 - The Dancing Shoes - by Scéalta Damhsa
Show Details16min 2s
Oíche Mhaith by Scéalta Damhsa - Introduction Episode
Show Details4min 1s