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Oh Cocoon

Welcome to the Oh Cocoon podcast — created to empower your journey to your highest self. We’re here to shift the narrative of what it means to be a modern woman in a society that praises hustle culture and normalizes burn out. Being here you'll learn how to slow down, discover yourself on deeper levels and create a dreamy, expansive life that is completely built on your own terms.

Join your host, Laura Abate, a heart-centered entrepreneur guiding you to lean into your feminine energy and take care of yourself holistically. Here, we’ll talk about all things relating to women's wellness, personal growth, modern spirituality, and feminine leadership.

Tune in weekly for actionable advice and inspiring conversations from fellow female leaders creating well-balanced, fully-expressed lives filled with purpose. Every episode is here as a safe cocoon for you to land in and move through the ebbs and flows of life with the support of a like-minded community to remind you that you’re never alone. Get ready to feel expanded and stand unapologetically in your own power.

Now, make yourself cozy and let's dive in.


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