Trevor Bauer, Cincinnati Reds Pitcher and Founder of Momentum

37m | Sep 3, 2020

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Cincinnati Red pitcher Trevor Bauer. In August, Bauer set a Reds record with 41 strikeouts in just four starts. Dominating on the field, Bauer hopes to do the same off of it.

As someone who has "done things differently" his entire life, Bauer is bullish on the future of Momentum, the athlete-centric media company he started in 2019, the positive steps Major League Baseball and players have made on social media, and a new model he believes to be the future of how agents do business.

Highlighted conversation points are below:

2:40 – Using COVID-19 delay to bolster Momentum

5:33 – Why Momentum and why a content business

14:32 – On a potential MLB x Momentum collaboration

19:09 – His thoughts on NIL and how it will impact college athletes

23:32 – On a better agency model for agents

32:20 – Balancing baseball and business

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