Geoff Reiss, General Manager, Yahoo Sports

Season 1 | Episode 12
54m | Feb 26, 2020

On today's episode, we are joined by Geoff Reiss, General Manager of Yahoo Sports.

Reiss' extensive resume in the sports media space includes time with Newsweek, ESPN, the Professional Bowlers Association, Twitter, and more. With that background, Reiss brings an interesting perspective in a time when several upstart professional leagues are forming, sports betting is approaching full legalization, and the media landscape is constantly changing.

2:09-4:33 On constants in the sports industry

4:34-5:59 On pro leagues that can gain an audience outside of traditionally successful periods for tv ratings

6:01-7:58 Economic problems for upstart pro leagues

38:45-39:45 On NFL Media rights situation

39:45-40:38 On doubling NFL revenue in 2019

40:39-41:18 What Yahoo Sports invest in for 2020

41:19-42:41 What a successful 2020 looks like for Yahoo Sports

42:42-43:41 Exciting things about the sports industry to look forward to

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