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At Off the Bar Podcast, Ben and Brandon talk about soccer, basketball, and football. They analyze transfers, signings, player performances, and more!


NBA Bubble Restart Predictions!
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Newcastle United Takeover Banned!
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Premier League Final Day Review!
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Final Premier League Day Predictions!
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Madden Rating Review!
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Manchester United vs West Ham and Liverpool vs Chelsea Review!
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Real Madrid Wins the Title! What Does This Means For Barcelona?
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NBA Bubble Talk!
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Manchester United VS West Ham and Liverpool VS Chelsea Preview!
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NBA Awards Predictions!
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No More Ballon D'or Reaction!
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FA Cup Semi Finals Reaction!
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FA Cup Semi Finals Preview!
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Off the Bar Podcast Episode Two! Man City, NBA, NFL Deals, and Soccer Transfers!
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Manchester United vs Southampton Review and Crystal Palace Preview!
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