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OCN Parental Composure Podcast

A podcast about parenting and so much more in the modern world. Mike and Elise will discuss a variety of practical topics mixed in with some humor and, of course, parenting anecdotes. Listen, laugh, and learn while, hopefully, walking away with a renewed strength for facing another week as a parent in today's society.


Problems Every Parent Can Relate To | Parental Composure
Show Details12min 48s
Problems Ever Parent Can Relate To | Parental Composure
Show Details12min 48s
Interviewing the authors of: Lily & Timmy’s Super, Awesome, Incredible COVID-19 B-Day
Show Details49min 30s
What not to say to a friend trying to get pregnant| Parental Composure
Show Details12min 8s
Parents need comedy in their lives| Parental Composure
Show Details7min 11s
Reaction to Smart Hacks every parent should know| Parental Composure
Show Details7min 43s
Elmo has a talk show! | Parental Composure
Show Details5min 26s
When Does your Kid Get Their First Phone? | Parental Composure Private
Show Details8min 42s
What Are Your Hopes & Concerns for Summer 2020? | Parental Composure
Show Details5min 55s
Becoming a parent changes you | Memes Included| Parental Composure
Show Details6min 25s
Kids Against Maturity - Game Review | Parental Composure
Show Details7min 57s
Societal Pressures to Have Children | Parental Composure
Show Details16min 54s
Vasectomy vs. tube tied | Parental Composure
Show Details16min 15s
When parents disagree on parenting styles | Parental Composure
Show Details15min 29s
Is your child an underachiever or is it something else? | Parental Composure
Show Details15min 11s
Parenting the Strong-willed Child | Parental Composure
Show Details15min 58s
Where are you kids mentally? | Parental Composure
Show Details11min 59s
How to discover a child's passions | Parental Composure
Show Details10min 23s
Building resilience and self-esteem in your kids for life | Parental Composure
Show Details12min 1s
Doing things on social media with your kids | Parental Composure
Show Details5min 35s
Should parents start worrying about their kids education? | Parental Composure
Show Details8min 18s
Funniest relatable tweets about parenting | Parental Composure
Show Details6min 37s
Raising Boys Vs. Raising Girls | Parental Composure
Show Details11min 41s
How to keep kids busy without school or playdates | Parental Composure
Show Details9min 53s
New baby update & the things learned this time around | Parental Composure
Show Details7min 17s
Biggest parenting challenges amidst global pandemic | Parental Composure
Show Details8min 29s
Staying Sane (or not) during the pandemic | Parental Composure 15 views•Premiered Apr 24, 2020
Show Details15min 36s
Creative things to do inside | Parental Composure
Show Details14min 55s
What are your kids doing to drive you crazy? | Parental Composure
Show Details13min 52s
Working from Home | Parental Composure
Show Details15min 4s
Save me from my kids!| Parental Composure
Show Details15min 1s
Everything that is Humor in a Family I Parental Composure I Ep. 24
Show Details15min 5s
What’s hip today with kids I Parental Composure I Ep. 23
Show Details13min 20s
Picky eaters - how to get them to eat?
Show Details14min 12s
Is there such thing as age appropriate chores? I Parental Composure I Ep. 21
Show Details14min 31s
Parental Composure Podcast | Corona Virus and the Change in Youth Lifestyle
Show Details14min 57s
Episode #13 | Sibling Dynamics & Rivalry
Show Details29min 47s
Episode #12 | Getting Kids to Clean Is Like Pulling Teeth
Show Details42min 25s
Episode #11 | Coaching & Parenting of Youth Sports
Show Details59min 44s
Episode #10 | Mom vs Dad Reactions to 'Kid Fails'
Show Details51min 46s
Episode #9 | Baby on the Way & Dealing With Postpartum
Show Details54min 7s
Episode #8 | Home Work, Clothing, & Strong Women
Show Details59min
Episode #7 | Kid Art & Adulting
Show Details48min 35s
Episode #6 | Kids Off Devices & Getting Them Outside
Show Details53min 10s
Episode #5 | Stay-at-Home Parenting & Struggles of Teens
Show Details44min 32s
Episode #4 | The Baby Episode
Show Details58min 29s
Episode #3 | Tats and Piercings
Show Details56min 8s
Episode #2 | The Holiday Episode
Show Details55min 46s
Episode #1 | The First Episode!
Show Details56min 12s