Double Feature Podcast

Double Feature is a weekly podcast by identical twin sisters Kaitlyn and Kristina. We’ll review movies and TV shows, talk all things cosplay, test our fandom knowledge with quizzes, and more. So, expect a ton of inside jokes that only the two of us understand. (Sorry, not sorry.)


Can We Guess the Movie Based on IMDb Keywords? | EP28
Show Details8min 24s
Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Ranked From Worst to Best | EP27
Show Details14min 1s
The History of Star Wars Day | EP26
Show Details5min 40s
All 8 Harry Potter Movies, Ranked From Worst to Best | EP25
Show Details12min 18s
Top 10 Pick-Up Lines in Movie History | EP24
Show Details6min 4s
10 Best '90s Movies to Stream During Quarantine | EP23
Show Details11min 2s
10 Best '80s Movies to Stream During Quarantine | EP22
Show Details8min 28s
10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies to Stream During Quarantine | EP21
Show Details8min 54s
10 Best Family Movies to Stream During Quarantine | EP20
Show Details9min 52s
Our Future Cosplay Plans + Comic Conventions | EP19
Show Details13min 18s
"Trolls 2: World Tour" Movie Review | EP18
Show Details10min 57s
Guess the Movie Quotes Quiz | EP17
Show Details38min 9s
Tiger King: What the Hell Did We Just Watch?! | EP16
Show Details39min 11s
Fun Movies & Shows to Watch During a Quarantine | EP15
Show Details12min 53s
We Drink and Play the 'Incohearent' Party Game | Ep14
Show Details30min 20s
“Onward” Movie Review | Ep13
Show Details28min 37s
Top 10 Movies That Scare the Sh*t Out of Us! | Ep12
Show Details43min 50s
“Birds of Prey” Movie Review | Ep11
Show Details29min 42s
Why These Romantic Comedies SUCK | Ep10
Show Details56min 36s
Disney+ Nostalgia, Oscars Predictions, and More! | Ep9
Show Details56min 11s
That's What She Said! – “The Office” Quotes Quiz | Ep8
Show Details39min 41s
Life as Theatre Kids, Our Favorite Musicals, and More! | Ep7
Show Details42min 50s
“Crisis on Infinite Earths” Crossover Review - Part 2 | Ep6
Show Details40min 51s
Best & Worst Movies of 2019 | Ep5
Show Details39min 30s
We Talk All Things Cosplay | Ep4
Show Details30min 13s
We Get Sorted Into Our Hogwarts Houses! | Ep3
Show Details58min 53s
“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Movie Review | Ep2
Show Details57min
"Crisis on Infinite Earths" Crossover – Part 1 | Ep1
Show Details59min 44s