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Double Feature

Welcome to Double Feature, a weekly pop-culture podcast series hosted by your favorite twins, Kaitlyn and Kristina! Get ready for twice the fun and double the crazy as we dive into movies, television, cosplay, and so much more.

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*Disclaimer: This podcast may contain adult language.


S3E3: Favorite Movies From Childhood + What Are We Currently Watching?
Show Details32min 27s
S3E2: Misconceptions About Twins + Favorite Twin Moments
Show Details18min 53s
S3E1: We’re Back! Life Updates + Our New Hobbies
Show Details16min 7s
S2E18: Can We Guess the Movie Based on IMDb Keywords?
Show Details8min 24s
S2E17: "Star Wars": The Skywalker Saga, Ranked
Show Details14min 1s
S2E16: The History of Star Wars Day
Show Details5min 40s
S2E15: All 8 "Harry Potter" Movies, Ranked
Show Details12min 18s
S2E14: Top 10 Pick-Up Lines in Movie History
Show Details6min 4s
S2E13: 10 Best '90s Movies to Stream During Quarantine
Show Details11min 2s
S2E12: 10 Best '80s Movies to Stream During Quarantine
Show Details8min 28s
S2E11: 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies to Stream During Quarantine
Show Details8min 54s
S2E10: 10 Best Family Movies to Stream During Quarantine
Show Details9min 52s
S2E9: Our Future Cosplay Plans + Comic Conventions
Show Details13min 18s
S2E8: "Trolls 2: World Tour" Movie Review
Show Details10min 57s
S2E7: Guess the Movie Quotes Quiz
Show Details38min 9s
S2E6: "Tiger King": What the Hell Did We Just Watch?!
Show Details39min 11s
S2E5: Fun Movies & Shows to Watch During a Quarantine
Show Details12min 53s
S2E4: We Drink and Play the 'Incohearent' Party Game
Show Details30min 20s
S2E3: “Onward” Movie Review
Show Details28min 37s
S2E2: Top 10 Movies That Scare the Sh*t Out of Us!
Show Details43min 50s
S2E1: “Birds of Prey” Movie Review
Show Details29min 42s
S1E10: Why These Romantic Comedies SUCK
Show Details56min 36s
S1E9: Disney+ Nostalgia, Oscars Predictions, and More!
Show Details56min 11s
S1E8: That's What She Said! – “The Office” Quotes Quiz
Show Details39min 41s
S1E7: Life as Theatre Kids, Our Favorite Musicals, and More!
Show Details42min 50s
S1E6: “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Crossover Review - Part 2
Show Details40min 51s
S1E5: Best & Worst Movies of 2019
Show Details39min 30s
S1E4: We Talk All Things Cosplay
Show Details30min 13s
S1E3: We Get Sorted Into Our Hogwarts Houses!
Show Details58min 53s
S1E2: “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Movie Review
Show Details57min
S1E1: "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Crossover – Part 1
Show Details59min 44s