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Obstacle Running

This podcast begins with an audiobook by the same name and continues with the same theme in mind. Obstacle Running is a guide to accomplishing your next breakthrough on the quest to become the best version of yourself. It will provide a recipe for maximizing BELIEF, WILLPOWER, and ENERGY in order to achieve SUCCESS.

Topics covered include: uncovering your burning desire, developing the winning mindset, conquering fear, pushing to failure, finding the right mentors, forming key habits, attaining peak fitness, the best productivity apps, and the power of conviction​. 

RJ DeLong recounts stories and lessons learned in his career as a top sales rep for Cutco, selling investments, studying and passing Level II of the CFA Program, starting a solar development company, a crypto hedge fund, and becoming an author and podcaster.


Fear Itself - Fear #5
Show Details12min 28s
Fear Itself - Fear #4
Show Details3min 55s
Fear Itself - Fear #3
Show Details5min 33s
Fear Itself - Fear #2
Show Details4min 11s
Fear Itself - Fear #1
Show Details10min 4s
Astronaut Stuff
Show Details21min 16s
Introduction to Obstacle Running
Show Details9min 16s