26 - Discussing Quadra Temperaments

Episode 26
1h 9m | Oct 3, 2019

We’ve all had this experience: you meet a new person and something just “clicks” immediately. It’s as if they speak your language and just *get* you in a fundamental way. We’ve also all experienced the opposite: someone who - even if you’re both speaking English, just seems to be from another planet and has a completely foreign way of approaching the world. Could it be that all of this is driven by the cognitive functions in your stack? Do xSFPs and xNTJs just understand each other better than they understand xNTPs and xSFJs? This week on Objectively Typed, we borrow a term from Socionics and examine the similarities and differences in each of the four “Quadras.” There seems to be something about sharing functions that just makes relationships and communication that much easier. Tune in to hear our discussion on this topic!

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Objectively Typed