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To educate the community on environmental, social, and physical inequities and challenges that the Black communities must deal with, and what can be done to empower the Black community to help them navigate through the understanding of legislation and policy on a micro/ macro level.


Black Education
Show Details29min 56s
All Black Lives Matter
Show Details44min 52s
Numbers Do Lie
Show Details30min 27s
Can I Breathe?
Show Details40min 44s
Watch the Crown
Show Details33min 39s
Shot for Shot
Show Details43min 5s
Play for Pay
Show Details43min 42s
Season 1 Recap
Show Details37min 18s
Crown Act
Show Details1hr 46min
Disparities in Housing
Show Details42min 14s
Disparities in Black Employment
Show Details48min 37s
Black Mental Health
Show Details45min 21s
Disparities in Healthcare for Black Women
Show Details1hr 5min
Plight of the Black Athlete
Show Details57min 58s
Law Enforcement
Show Details1hr 21min
Black Cultural Centers
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