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Join host Andrew Pratt in exploring Faith, Culture and Church. Through the lens of a young adult serving in Church today.


Values and The New Life?
Show Details21min 31s
Answers in Coronavirus?
Show Details13min 59s
I Hate Small Groups! So I am Starting One.
Show Details19min 52s
Natural Disasters and God!
Show Details18min 45s
Living Sacrifice? The Why of Culture Change
Show Details18min 58s
How I Decided to Follow Jesus
Show Details17min 8s
The Busyness Conundrum
Show Details18min 32s
Has Society Forgotten About God?
Show Details19min 20s
What's the Point of Church in 2019
Show Details23min 1s
Young People and the Book of Daniel
Show Details18min 27s
The Dichotomy of Thought in Adventism.
Show Details19min 43s
Living in a Ministry Family
Show Details17min 56s
Leadership and Culture
Show Details19min 59s
Service, Self or Selfless.
Show Details17min 40s