Nuclear Grenade

This is THE podcast for hardcore gamers. We talk about new video games that are coming out, we give opinions on games that we're playing, we talk about gaming culture, and so much more.

The philosophy of Nuclear Grenade is to be authentic for our fellow gamers. We are not politically correct, so be warned: if you are offended easily, this podcast is NOT for you!

The host (Justin) is a stand up comedian and a hardcore gamer of 30 years. The producer and co-host (Alex) is a programmer and a hardcore gamer of 30 years as well.


Nuclear Grenade | Episode 7: Day Two and Three of E3 (Bethesda + Square Enix + Indie Devs)
Show Details1hr 17min
Nuclear Grenade | Episode 6: Day One of E3
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Nuclear Grenade | Episode 5: Human NPCs
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Nuclear Grenade | Episode 4: Gamers Among Us
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Nuclear Grenade | Episode 3: Female Gamers & Creepy Guys
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Nuclear Grenade | Episode 2: Are you a Hardcore Gamer?
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Nuclear Grenade | Episode 1: A New PC Gaming Podcast is Born
Show Details54min 35s