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Nowata Methodists Podcast

Nowata Methodists a body of believers belonging to the United Methodist Church in the Oklahoma Annual Conference. We are located in downtown Nowata, Oklahoma, where we seek to engage our community through a variety of ministries to reach outside our doors, by worshipping together, and by teaching adults and children how to talk about their faith.


Titus 2:9 - 3:15
Show Details35min 36s
Titus 1 - 2:8
Show Details46min 29s
John Wesley's Directions For Singing
Show Details12min 54s
All Saints Day 2022
Show Details53min 10s
Romans 16
Show Details22min 53s
Romans 15
Show Details29min 21s
Romans 14
Show Details34min 4s
Romans 13
Show Details38min 3s
Romans 12
Show Details28min 18s
Interview With Kirk Jackson (Nowata New Life Church)
Show Details1hr 14min
Romans 11
Show Details33min 50s
Romans 10
Show Details27min 28s
Romans 9
Show Details35min 54s
Romans 8
Show Details38min 39s
Romans 7
Show Details30min 46s
Romans 6
Show Details27min 54s
Romans 5
Show Details34min 13s
Romans 4
Show Details23min 54s
Romans 3
Show Details36min 25s
Romans 2
Show Details32min 50s
Romans 1
Show Details45min 41s
The Book of Philippians (Read-through)
Show Details34min 59s
Philippians 4
Show Details25min 48s
The Nature, Design, & General Rules of the United Societies (Part 1)
Show Details13min 12s
Philippians 3
Show Details25min 34s
Philippians 2
Show Details36min 40s
Philippians 1
Show Details32min 52s
Sunday Service (Pentecost) June 5th, 2022
Show Details24min 14s
Sunday Service May 29th, 2022
Show Details34min 43s
Sunday Service May 22nd, 2022
Show Details36min 43s
Sunday Service May 15th, 2022
Show Details40min 57s
Money & The Church
Show Details13min 6s
Sunday Service (Mothers Day) May 8th, 2022
Show Details30min
Sunday Service May 1st, 2022
Show Details47min 42s
Sunday Service April 24th, 2022
Show Details47min 5s
Easter Sunday April 17th, 2022
Show Details38min 53s
Sunday Service April 10th, 2022
Show Details36min 17s
Sunday Service April 3rd, 2022
Show Details38min 45s
Sunday Service March 27th, 2022
Show Details45min 28s
Sunday Service March 13th, 2022
Show Details43min 16s
Sunday Service March 6th, 2022
Show Details36min 44s
Sunday Service February 27th, 2022
Show Details38min 19s
Sunday Service February 20th, 2022
Show Details43min 40s
Sunday Service February 13th, 2022
Show Details36min 40s
Sunday Service February 6th, 2022
Show Details40min 7s
Sunday Service January 30th, 2022
Show Details39min 47s
Reclaiming "Church"
Show Details7min 17s
Sunday Service January 23rd, 2022
Show Details46min
Sunday Service January 16th, 2022
Show Details42min 17s
Why Do I Need To Be Involved With A Church?
Show Details3min 45s
Sunday Service January 9th, 2022
Show Details37min 9s
Sunday Service January 2nd, 2022
Show Details42min 32s
Sunday Service December 26th, 2021
Show Details48min 39s
Sunday Service December 19th, 2021
Show Details38min 15s
Sunday Service December 12th, 2021
Show Details40min 16s
Sunday Service December 5th, 2021
Show Details38min 16s
Sunday Service November 28th, 2021
Show Details31min 35s
Sunday Service November 21st, 2021
Show Details27min 9s
Sunday Service November 14th, 2021
Show Details43min 55s
Interview with Errol Hada
Show Details34min 55s
Sunday Service November 7th, 2021
Show Details37min 28s
Sunday Service October 31st, 2021
Show Details23min 50s
Sunday Service October 24th, 2021
Show Details29min 43s
Tulsa Dream Center Tour
Show Details1hr 17min
Sunday Service October 17th, 2021
Show Details32min 52s
Sunday Service October 10th, 2021
Show Details32min 5s
Sunday Service October 3rd, 2021
Show Details39min 9s
Sunday Service September 26th, 2021
Show Details30min 47s
Establishing A Will & Trust
Show Details39min 14s
Sunday Service September 19, 2021
Show Details36min 36s