• Getting Triggered by Other's Stories

    Listen in as KayLee and Amanda discuss what it is like to have betrayal trauma while helping others navigate betrayal trauma.

    It is so normal for other people's stories to be triggering for you. So. Normal. The key component is what we do with and how we respond to those triggers.

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    Just a little reminder, although we are specialized betrayal trauma therapists, our podcast, support groups, and social media are not therapy, nor are they a replacement for therapy.

    20m | Jan 29, 2022
  • Therapy Fails

    Did you know your therapist is human?

    Well of course you KNOW they are. But do you believe they are? Like really believe it?

    When we are floundering in the sea of betrayal, it is so normal to proverbially yell out, "Save me! Someone! Anyone!"

    For some of us, we might completely discard all help. "I can't trust anyone."

    For some, if we are desperate enough, when a therapist, or a coach, or an author presents us with a prescribed path - a fix-all - we might gladly take whatever we are handed.

    Then time passes.

    And some things helped, and other things didn't. And we might feel like we are doing something wrong, or that we just aren't "fixable."

    In these moments, remember... your therapist/coach/educator/spiritual leader is a human. They make mistakes, and they don't have all of the answers for your unique path.

    AND that doesn't mean therapy/coaching/education/spiritual direction are useless. It means we need to be judicious and intentional as we select our specialized guides.

    Tune in for examples and stories to prove my point.


    Facebook- Awake: Resilience from Betrayal

    17m | Oct 19, 2021
  • What the heck is lust anyway?

    Thinking and talking about lust as a part of sexual betrayal can be sooo fuzzy.

    The struggle is real.

    If you've ever done check-ins as a couple or tried to set boundaries around lust, then you know this is so confusing and nuanced!

    Our favorite thing to do is to ask a lot of hard questions and challenge one another on these complex issues.

    We want you to know that your fears, your hurts, and your frustrations are valid. One of the most exhausting heartaches can be that there are very few "right" answers for everyone.

    Our message is that although we are not here to hand you the "right," one-size-fits-all answers, there are many right answers for you.

    Join us as we pick apart the definitions, the origins, the connotations, and some of our own experiences in relation to lust as a part of sexual betrayal. As you listen, notice what fits. What sits well? What doesn't? Remember, you are the expert of you.

    If you want to join in our discussions, we provide a private, free Facebook group called Awake: Resilience from Betrayal for people who have been betrayed. We also meet regularly LIVE on Zoom as a group (also free).


    Just a little reminder, although we are specialized therapists, our podcast, support groups, and social media are not therapy, nor are they a replacement for therapy.

    29m | Sep 3, 2021
  • Not the Experts

    This is us.

    As promised, here we are to introduce ourselves, our experiences, and wax philosophical about all the things betrayal trauma.

    20m | Aug 12, 2021
Not the Experts