A LGBTQ-focused weekly podcast that gives you news and views from a NOTSTR8 perspective. Hosted by Jason Bailey and Joe Krinock.


The McTwist Machine is Broken
Show Details56min
Irreversible Damage Day
Show Details58min 6s
Be Hungry, Do Crimes
Show Details50min 30s
The Smokesman
Show Details38min
Camping Foul
Show Details49min 53s
Parmesan for your Spaghetti
Show Details42min 20s
Get Off My Lawn!
Show Details43min 30s
Carole should've fed David to the Tigers
Show Details42min 5s
The Dinosaur that Pooped a Podcast
Show Details51min 51s
Jason's Hookup Dungeon and Bar
Show Details49min 57s
When did Hillary Clinton die???
Show Details47min 36s
The Night Comes Down
Show Details48min 19s
Something is rotten in the state of Delta
Show Details49min 59s
Welcome to the 51st State
Show Details42min 25s
Not For Sexual Reasons
Show Details47min 47s
Leather Guy
Show Details43min 30s
Broads, Baseball, and Beer
Show Details44min 41s
Where's My Food?!?
Show Details59min 27s
Sky Daddy
Show Details44min 54s
Government Noses In Your Body
Show Details47min 5s
Pittsburgh Pride and Pandemic Sex Work (Premiere)
Show Details56min 36s