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Not For The Average

The Not For The Average Podcast series explores the link between high-performance sales, business growth and entrepreneurship. Your host Trent Leyshan interviews an eclectic range of business leaders, entrepreneurs, elite sport and money making experts to help listeners learn and apply the most important skills, mindset and tools they need to master their professional fields. WARNING: This Show is Not For The Average!


A Podcast About Podcasting with Chris Ashmore
Show Details1hr 1min
The Law of Compounding with Elio D'Amato
Show Details25min 29s
Leadership & Political Salesmanship with Jeff Kennett former Victorian Premier and Politician
Show Details23min 14s
Leadership Lessons with Hawthorn FC and AFL Legend Sam Mitchell
Show Details52min 55s
Chasing Rainbows with Jason Disborough CEO, Multinational Clients (International) at Aon
Show Details1hr 1min
Cracking The (Soccer) Code and Unleashing Full Potential
Show Details51min 21s
The Human Lie Detector with Body Language Expert Steve Van Aperen
Show Details38min 5s
Sales Mastery Series: Richard Layton Managing Director at Fromm
Show Details31min 31s
Navigating The Coronavirus: Seeing Into The Future With Morry Morgan in China
Show Details22min 28s
Courage In The Workplace with Dina Pozzo from Insium Leadership
Show Details40min 46s
Be More Influential by Improving Your Conversation with Richard Sarell
Show Details46min 39s
How to Create a High-performance Team with Jake Bridges from Leading Teams
Show Details51min 2s
What Makes a Great Business with Trent Fraser CEO at Choice Hotels
Show Details30min 13s
Making your money work for you - Elio D'Amato
Show Details28min 8s