Rachel Dodes and Brian Hecht are cousins who enjoy dissecting the most abominable news of the week and shutting it all down, usually over whiskey, sometimes with a guest. But don't despair...they always end with a YUP or two, beacons of hope amid all the #NOPE.


E149: Javanka: Time to Flush Twice!
Show Details49min 19s
PSA: So It's Come to This
Show Details1min 10s
E148: All I Want for Christmas is NOPE!
Show Details44min 32s
E147: Dr. Biden Will See You Now! (feat. Alana Hope Levinson)
Show Details52min 36s
E146: Quadrillions of Lawyers!
Show Details34min 54s
E145: Sisterhood of the Traveling Monolith!
Show Details47min 18s
E144: Pardon the Kraken!
Show Details33min 14s
E143: Itchy Cows and Boiled Chickens!
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E142: Live from Four Seasons Total Landscaping!
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Bonus Episode: Last Chance Poll Dance!
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E140: We're Packing the Supreme Court!
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E139: Covid Update: From 'Roids to Raves!
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E138: Flies in Our Eyes!
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E137: $750 is Less than Zero
Show Details33min 7s
E136: You'll Never Believe Who's a Furry!
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E135: Life is Just a Bag of Soup! (feat. Lauren Mechling)
Show Details58min 56s
E134: Melania Trump: A Rose in Bloom!
Show Details48min 54s
E133: Susan B. Anthony, Felon No More!
Show Details48min 58s
E132: Under (Water) Pressure!
Show Details47min 8s
E131: Yo Semites! Let's Go to Australia!
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E130: The Demon Vaccine is Here!
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E129: Turkey Legs and Luscious Lips!
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E128: Help! We Can't Tweet! (feat. Conor Dougherty)
Show Details46min 25s
Summer PSA: Back Next Week!
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E127: Bronies Get Out the Vote! (feat. Erin Geiger Smith)
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E126: Everybody Gets a Pentacle!
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E125: Can't Stop the Music!
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E124: Let's Get Biblical!
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E123: Karens: Unmasked!
Show Details43min 52s
E122: In the Kitchen with Robert Pattinson!
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E121: We're Churning Butter Like It's 1899!
Show Details48min 23s
E120: Murder Hornets She Wrote!
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E119: We're Drinking Bleach on Zoom!
Show Details37min 22s
E118: The Cottonelle Conspiracy...Unrolled!
Show Details30min 21s
E117: Rats Get Ready to Rumble!
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E116: Nope in the Time of Covid!
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PSA: Back Next Week!
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E115: Social Distancing Spectacular!
Show Details31min 10s
E114: Bernie Sanders Gets Blocked by The Circle!
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E113: Eminem Hoards Vagina Candles!
Show Details38min 39s
E112: Dinosaurs Eating Rush Limbaugh! (feat. Suraj Patel)
Show Details52min 19s
E111: Michael Bloomberg Shakes a Snout!
Show Details36min 54s
PSA: Sleep-Deprived Witnesses and Documents!
Show Details47s
E110: Lev Parnas Eyes a Tray of Pigs in Blankets!
Show Details49min 10s
E109: Prince Harry Gets Handsy with Reachy!
Show Details39min 26s
E108: Lizzo Juices Pottery Barn!
Show Details38min 15s
E107: Odd Trump Out! (feat. Jill Kargman)
Show Details44min 52s
E106: The Duct-Taped Banana Drowns in Mincemeat!
Show Details33min 32s
E105: Baby Yoda Spotted at a Jiggle Joint!
Show Details33min 56s
A Very Nope Thanksgiving!
Show Details6min 56s
E103: The Whistleblower Haunts an AirBnb! (feat. Lindsay Goldwert)
Show Details47min 26s
E102: Milli Vanilli Dates a Chicken Parm Bro!
Show Details42min 12s
E101: James Dean Gulps a Gay Iced Coffee!
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E100: Peter Luger Goes into Chipmunk Mode!
Show Details35min 52s
E99: Countess Luann Canoodles with a Cabaret Critic!
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E98: Kendall Roy Beats Ron Vara Like a Drum! (feat. Lauren Goode)
Show Details1hr 2min
E97: Alec Baldwin Nails the Untitled Goose Game!
Show Details37min 43s
E96: Robert De Niro Holds Gwyneth Paltrow’s Blankstrap!
Show Details46min 38s
E95: Rudy Giuliani Comes Out as Sapiosexual!
Show Details40min 40s
E94: Joe Biden Chokes on a Corn Pop!
Show Details42min 26s
E93: Tim Cook Livestreams a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto! 
Show Details40min 20s
E92: Boris Johnson Bows to the Dairy Queen!
Show Details34min 34s
E91: Rihanna Trusses a Fish Turducken!
Show Details55min 28s
E90: Margot Robbie Smuggles an Octopus!
Show Details29min 30s
E89: Mike Pence Battles 30-50 Feral Hogs!
Show Details39min 32s
E88: Tom Cruise Yodels on a Clown Cruise!
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PSA: New Nope Summer Schedule!
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E87: Danny DeVito Has a Hot Girl Summer! (feat. John Jannuzzi)
Show Details39min 54s
E86: Whitney Houston Sends in the Lions!
Show Details36min 42s
E85: Betsy Ross Leaks Her DeepNudes!
Show Details34min 36s
E84: Hickenlooper-Buttigieg 2020! (feat. Lauren Mechling)
Show Details51min 26s
E83: Dog Spectacular! Jerry Falwell Jr. Officiates a Canine Wedding!
Show Details43min 28s
E82: Meryl Streep Vibrates on a Higher Frequency!
Show Details42min 28s
E81: Tracy Morgan Mixes a Rat Cocktail!
Show Details44min 52s
E80: Mandy Moore Inhales Molecules of Freedom!
Show Details43min 34s
E79: Donald Trump Wargs Into a Bathroom Monster!
Show Details44min 14s
E78: Daenerys Stages a #SexStrike!
Show Details42min 34s
E77: Nope Live in San Francisco! (feat. Elizabeth Holmes)
Show Details53min 36s
E76: Arya Stark Gets All Snitty!
Show Details44min 19s
E75: Elizabeth Warren Boasts: I'm Baby! (feat. co-host Glace Chase)
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E74: Beyonce Audits Her Mashed Potatoes
Show Details33min 55s
E73: George Washington Extracts an Undercorn!
Show Details34min 16s
E72: Joe Biden Nuzzles Panty Pockets!
Show Details46min 21s
E71: Theresa May Moisturizes with Tarantula Mayonnaise!
Show Details41min 32s
E70: Elizabeth Holmes Quaffs a Garfuccino! (feat. Andrew Goldman)
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E69: Felicity Huffman Hatches a Mouse Mastodon!
Show Details50min 36s
E68: Michael Calamari Cheeses a Verminfluencer! (feat. Taylor Lorenz)
Show Details44min 26s
E67: Rami Malek Eats Salad With a Comb!
Show Details45min 44s
E66: Tucker Carlson Noshes on Filth Flies!
Show Details42min 16s
E65: Lady Gaga Harnesses Her Ribcage! (feat. Christina Binkley)
Show Details50min 4s
E64: Ashton Kutcher Gives Roger Stone a Manicure! (feat. Glace Chase)
Show Details45min 20s
E63: Mary Poppins Escapes from Dannemora
Show Details39min 17s
E62: Freddie Mercury Slurps Generously Buttered Noodles!
Show Details42min 33s
E61: NOPE LIVE! Rachel & Brian Humiliate Themselves in Front of Superfans!
Show Details51min 22s
E60: Kevin Hart Has a Blended Orgasm at CES!
Show Details45min 12s
E59: Chrissy Teigen Marries a Hologram!
Show Details41min 2s
E58: 2018 - The Year in Nope!
Show Details1hr 6min
E57: Lil Jon Weaves a Hair Amulet! Plus Holiday Gift Guide feat. Lauren Goode
Show Details49min 59s
E56: Poopsie Splatters The "Holland Tonnel"!
Show Details35min 18s
E55: Ed Sheeran Flips a Fiery Bicycle!
Show Details32min 40s
E54: Bradley Cooper Reveals His Tiny Turtle! (feat. Bevy Smith)
Show Details39min 27s
E53: Ariana Grande Rakes America Great Again!
Show Details43min 42s
E52: Jeff Bezos Cooks a Turkey in His Mouth!
Show Details35min 11s
E51: Jim Acosta Accosts a Garbage Panda!
Show Details40min 4s
E50: Robert Mueller Fails the Rectal Test!
Show Details41min 51s
E49: MBS Faps on the New Jersey Turnpike! (feat. Katie Rosman)
Show Details42min 48s
E48: Chris Evans Straps On James Bond's Papoose! (feat. Aaron Wolf and Mike Culyba)
Show Details44min 27s
E47: Taylor Swift Fingers a Tantric Pouch! (feat. Kerry Flynn)
Show Details41min 24s
E46: Lindsey Graham Unfurls the Snake Within!
Show Details33min 16s
E45: Adam Driver Tangles with a Fright Fest Freak!
Show Details34min 46s
E44: Brett Kavanaugh Wears a Wankband!
Show Details35min 54s
E43: Serena Williams Zips Up Her Poonts!
Show Details39min 36s
E42: Bob Woodward Performs a Riverdance!
Show Details38min 18s
E41: Rupert Murdoch Craves Donut Prune Salad!
Show Details40min 24s
E40: Michael Cohen Gets a RazzleDazzle Mullet (feat. Walt Mossberg)
Show Details41min 6s
E39: Omarosa and Grimes Microdose in the Panic Room!
Show Details39min 2s
E38: Alex Jones Wears a Chicken Diaper! (feat. Lauren Goode)
Show Details46min 24s
E37: Bigfoot Convicted of Vomit Fraud!
Show Details28min 13s