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San Francisco-based comedian Alexis Gay interviews influential folks from tech, media, business and beyond about everything except their resumes. Who are the people building, funding, and running the tech companies shaping our daily lives? And like, has [INFLUENTIAL PERSON] ever kept a plant alive? Is [VERY IMPRESSIVE FOUNDER] actually afraid of the dark? What was [STALWART OF VC TWITTER] known for in high school? Tune into Non-Technical with Alexis Gay to find out.


87. Laura Behrens Wu (Founder & CEO, Shippo) is just one cat away from the danger zone
Show Details40min 30s
86. Brian Tyler Cohen (Political Commentator) doesn’t wanna die at lunch
Show Details41min 23s
85. Ryan Petersen (Founder & CEO, Flexport) is on that antemeridian cappuccino drip
Show Details41min 32s
Sam Reich (CEO, CollegeHumor) has a couple tricks up his sleeve
Show Details51min 28s
Sahil Lavingia (CEO & Founder, Gumroad) is painting his own tree
Show Details47min 19s
Kara Swisher (Journalist, Podcaster) says “No.”
Show Details40min 2s
84. Maëlle Gavet (CEO, Techstars) will go to the placemat over steak tartare
Show Details43min 46s
83. Eric Newcomer (Author, Newcomer) understands the importance of being earnest
Show Details49min 29s
82. Fiona Co Chan (Founder & CEO, Youthforia) probably won’t be getting papped at Starbucks
Show Details42min 51s
81. Zach Graumann (Former Presidential Campaign Manager & Author) is busting out the golden pipes (by order of management)
Show Details44min 50s
80. Rosie Nguyen (Co-Founder & Chief Creator Officer, Fanhouse) has a gorilla grip on life
Show Details46min 40s
79. David Gelles (Author & Reporter, New York Times) will be enjoying Grey Poupon well after the apocalypse
Show Details44min 45s
78. Ashley Mayer (Co-Founder & GP, Coalition Operators) isn’t waiting for the name to drop
Show Details47min 45s
77. Jason Kander (Author, Veteran, Former MO Secretary of State) is NOT living every week like it’s Shark Week
Show Details49min 6s
76. Jason Yanowitz (Co-Founder, Blockworks) is getting fitted and going to Abilene
Show Details43min 3s
75. Deena Shakir (Partner, Lux Capital) is finally out of Stevia stealth mode
Show Details46min 16s
74. Daniel Lippman (Reporter, Politico) has a (broken) bone to pick with honeysuckles
Show Details43min 56s
73. Leah Solivan (Founder, TaskRabbit) is fully prepared to organize these roly polies
Show Details44min 50s
72. Brian Murray (Partner, Craft Ventures & Co-Founder, Cabal) refuses to be manipulated by art
Show Details42min 2s
71. Liz Fosslien (Author and Head of Content, Humu) is trailblazing the great indoors
Show Details43min 47s
70. Isa Watson (Founder & CEO, Squad) serves her pettiness a la mode
Show Details44min 6s
69. Niv Dror (Founder & Managing Partner, Shrug Capital) has “no problem” with cartoon fish
Show Details38min 42s
Casey Newton (Founder & Editor, Platformer) famously hates the sun
Show Details47min 42s
68. Sarah Friar (CEO, Nextdoor) is a sleep latency overachiever
Show Details50min 53s
67. Naj Austin (Founder & CEO, Somewhere Good & Ethel’s Club) won’t mince words about garlic
Show Details42min 14s
66. Alexis Ohanian (Co-Founder, Reddit & Founder, Seven Seven Six) didn’t see his forehead for five years
Show Details44min 14s
65. Jasmine Crowe (Founder & CEO, Goodr) might be in need of some local Atlanta honey
Show Details43min 48s
64. Ryan Broderick (Writer, Garbage Day) is ready to get CRAZY WITH EGGS!!!!!!
Show Details46min 57s
63. Tracy Chou (Founder & CEO, Block Party) literally has the (email) receipts
Show Details43min 58s
62. Anne Raimondi (COO & Head of Business, Asana) knows the water lilies bwing us togeder
Show Details42min 3s
61. Mark Cuban (Entrepreneur & Investor) has left the building on a conveyor belt
Show Details47min 13s
60. Lauren Berson Sugarman (Founder & CEO, Conceive) is looking on the bright side (of the road)
Show Details51min 35s
59. Buffy Maguire (Founder, Lady Falcon Coffee Club) knows when to hold ‘em
Show Details42min 23s
58. Logan Bartlett (Managing Director, Redpoint) will unfortunately have to pass on the Kiss Cam
Show Details48min 20s
57. Kinsey Grant (Host, Thinking is Cool) is a former horse girl (REVEAL!!!)
Show Details53min 42s
56. Waseem Daher (CEO & Co-Founder, Pilot) got his Twitter handle at Burning Man
Show Details45min 8s
55. Alex Lieberman (Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Morning Brew) was forced to hang up his tongue-down Tims
Show Details43min 28s
54. Kara Swisher (Journalist, Podcaster) says “No.”
Show Details41min 5s
53. Jenny 8. Lee (CEO, Plympton) can turn ketchup into cold, hard cash
Show Details43min 8s
52. Howard Lindzon (General Partner, Social Leverage) has the body of a ghostbuster
Show Details53min 38s
51. Logan Ury (Author & Dir. of Relationship Science, Hinge) is dying to debrief that dinner party
Show Details52min 35s
50. Jon Youshaei (Creator, Writer & Advisor) has trunk space (!) but no poker face
Show Details39min 8s
49. Arielle Zuckerberg (Partner, Venture Capital) is serving up double black diamond bangers
Show Details40min 58s
48. Andrew Yang (Entrepreneur, Former Presidential Candidate) is an adequate juggler (in this simulation, at least)
Show Details50min 17s
47. Celine Halihou (Founder & CEO, Loyal) might deserve a lifetime discount at Whole Foods
Show Details52min 7s
46. Joe Posnanski (Author, The Baseball 100) knows better than The Boss
Show Details49min 17s
45. Maia Bittner (Entrepreneur, Angel Investor) is a flight attendant’s dream
Show Details49min 40s
44. Sahil Lavingia (CEO & Founder, Gumroad) is painting his own tree
Show Details48min
43. Max Chafkin (Author, The Contrarian) just might get the band back together
Show Details50min 6s
42. Snigdha Sur (CEO & Founder, The Juggernaut) always be hustlin’
Show Details44min 16s
41. Hunter Walk (Investor, Homebrew) is the weirdest of the normal
Show Details42min 44s
40. Alex Konrad (Senior Editor, Forbes) is human... or is he dancer?
Show Details42min 19s
39. Bremner Morris (CEO, Rally) might be responsible for the Topo Chico shortage
Show Details44min 1s
38. Sheel Mohnot (Co-Founder, Better Tomorrow Ventures) is anything but a timepass
Show Details38min 28s
37. Ginny Hogan (Comedian, Author) is an anti-driving advocate
Show Details46min 2s
36. Ellen DaSilva (Director of Strategic Partnerships, hims & hers) is friends with your mom
Show Details49min 50s
35. Nuseir Yassin (Creator, Nas Daily + CEO, Nas Academy) is the MOST compelling guest of ALL TIME!!!!
Show Details38min 34s
34. Joe Albanese (CEO & Co-Founder, Stir) invites you to share a brain with him
Show Details49min 57s
33. Rachel Carlson (CEO & Co-Founder, Guild Education) likes good laws and hates bad rules
Show Details43min 26s
32. Sam Reich (CEO, CollegeHumor) has a couple tricks up his sleeve
Show Details51min 58s
31. Li Jin (Founder & General Partner, Atelier) can show you where to stuff your scallions
Show Details50min 17s
30. Nikhil Krishnan (Founder, Out-Of-Pocket) is buying the homies pedicures
Show Details48min 19s
29. Part 2 of 2: Chris Sacca (Co-Founder, Lowercarbon Capital) is the king of high-stakes roshambo
Show Details37min 3s
28. Part 1 of 2: Chris Sacca (Co-Founder, Lowercarbon Capital) knows the only way to move cattle fast is slow
Show Details46min 5s
27. Kim Pham (Co-Founder, Omsom) can fold you under the table
Show Details44min 39s
26. Sara Dietschy (Tech YouTuber) has a PSA for Tim Cook
Show Details37min 23s
25. Josh Constine (Principal, SignalFire) throws a mean axe
Show Details42min 8s
24. Amanda McLoughlin (Creator & CEO, Multitude) is the Robin Hood of (hypothetical) heists
Show Details45min 59s
23. Casey Newton (Founder & Editor, Platformer) famously hates the sun
Show Details48min 32s
22. Turner Novak (Founder, Banana Capital) is the MVP of breaking your collarbone
Show Details48min 19s
21. Alexia Bonatsos (Founder, Dream Machine VC) has a bone to pick with Gwen Stefani
Show Details40min 54s
20. Jared Erondu (VP of Design, Lattice) is allergic to East Coast avocados
Show Details42min
19. Helena Price Hambrecht (Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Haus) is the North Carolina Queen of Music
Show Details44min 47s
18. Emily Best (Founder & CEO, Seed&Spark) is crushing her houseplant acquisition numbers
Show Details47min 41s
17. Musa Tariq (CMO, GoFundMe) does NOT care how comfortable your Uggs are
Show Details51min 19s
16. Joanna Stern (Sr. Tech Columnist, Wall Street Journal) has future-proofed her dog’s name
Show Details44min 24s
15. Immad Akhund (CEO & Founder, Mercury) is stuck in an infinite loop of Dad jokes
Show Details44min 38s
14. Gefen Skolnick (CEO & Founder, Couplet Coffee) is a reformed Ed Hardy stan
Show Details41min 21s
13. Zak Kukoff (VC, General Catalyst) hasn’t made a dime from the French horn
Show Details45min 53s
12. Adam Davidson (Author, The Passion Economy) didn’t do enough drugs in high school
Show Details49min 7s
11. Sara Mauskopf (CEO & Co-founder, Winnie) is NOT Most Likely to Study for the SATs After the SATs Are Over
Show Details44min 38s
10. Jarvis Johnson (Comedy YouTuber, Forbes 30 Under 30) has Big Rice Cooker Energy
Show Details45min 32s
09. Julie Zhuo (Author, The Making of a Manager) is raising a family of cheese artisans
Show Details40min 6s
08. Chetan Puttagunta (GP, Benchmark) knows where to get gulab jamun in Scotland
Show Details40min 44s
07. Adrienne Porter Felt (Dir. of Eng., Google) has a history with the Backstreet Boys
Show Details41min 41s
06. Scott Belsky (CPO, Adobe) hates elephants… in the room
Show Details48min 12s
05. Megan Quinn (COO, Niantic, Inc.) knows where there be dragons
Show Details47min 13s
04. Terri Burns (30 Under 30, Venture Capital) is a lightning rod for bagel controversy
Show Details55min 24s
03. Web Smith (Founder, 2PM Inc.) is rewriting The Great Gatsby
Show Details52min 3s
02. Ankur Nagpal (Founder & CEO, Teachable) has a haunted house
Show Details45min 36s
01. Cassidy Williams (Principal DX Engineer, Netlify) loves a wholesome Korean Drama
Show Details53min 28s
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