San Francisco-based comedian Alexis Gay interviews influential folks from tech, media, business and beyond about everything except their resumes. Who are the people building, funding, and running the tech companies shaping our daily lives? And like, has [INFLUENTIAL PERSON] ever kept a plant alive? Is [VERY IMPRESSIVE FOUNDER] actually afraid of the dark? What was [STALWART OF VC TWITTER] known for in high school? Tune into Non-Technical with Alexis Gay to find out.


18. Emily Best (Founder & CEO, Seed&Spark) is crushing her houseplant acquisition numbers
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17. Musa Tariq (CMO, GoFundMe) does NOT care how comfortable your Uggs are
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16. Joanna Stern (Sr. Tech Columnist, Wall Street Journal) has future-proofed her dog’s name
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15. Immad Akhund (CEO & Founder, Mercury) is stuck in an infinite loop of Dad jokes
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14. Gefen Skolnick (CEO & Founder, Couplet Coffee) is a reformed Ed Hardy stan
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13. Zak Kukoff (VC, General Catalyst) hasn’t made a dime from the French horn
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12. Adam Davidson (Author, The Passion Economy) didn’t do enough drugs in high school
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11. Sara Mauskopf (CEO & Co-founder, Winnie) is NOT Most Likely to Study for the SATs After the SATs Are Over
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10. Jarvis Johnson (Comedy YouTuber, Forbes 30 Under 30) has Big Rice Cooker Energy
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09. Julie Zhuo (Author, The Making of a Manager) is raising a family of cheese artisans
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08. Chetan Puttagunta (GP, Benchmark) knows where to get gulab jamun in Scotland
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07. Adrienne Porter Felt (Dir. of Eng., Google) has a history with the Backstreet Boys
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06. Scott Belsky (CPO, Adobe) hates elephants… in the room
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05. Megan Quinn (COO, Niantic, Inc.) knows where there be dragons
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04. Terri Burns (30 Under 30, Venture Capital) is a lightning rod for bagel controversy
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03. Web Smith (Founder, 2PM Inc.) is rewriting The Great Gatsby
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02. Ankur Nagpal (Founder & CEO, Teachable) has a haunted house
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01. Cassidy Williams (Principal DX Engineer, Netlify) loves a wholesome Korean Drama
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