Truth Island

In a world that has become increasingly polarized and ideologically deadlocked, Truth Island attempts to negotiate the dangerous middle ground between the 'left' and 'right' in a search to find truth and meaning. It is the belief of this podcast that no one person or theory has the monopoly on truth but through intense discussion we can aim towards a level of human understanding that will satisfy the complexity that surrounds our decision making.


Episode 89: Are labels always a good thing?
Show Details57min 6s
Episode 88: Is quitting always such a bad thing?
Show Details54min 33s
Episode 87: How to engage with people online?
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 86: Can we change people's nature?
Show Details53min 33s
Episode 85: Rome: The Decline of Democracy (Part VI)
Show Details43min 50s
Episode 84: Rome: The Decline of Democracy (Part V)
Show Details46min 15s
Episode 83: Is it ever a good idea to form alliances with people you dislike?
Show Details47min 48s
Episode 82: The chains holding us back.
Show Details53min 59s
Episode 81: What is the correct degree of punishment?
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 80: How to move forward without holding contempt.
Show Details40min 35s
Episode 79: How to juggle disagreeable people?
Show Details42min
Episode 78: Is television harming us?
Show Details54min 29s
Episode 77: How can one resist social conditioning?
Show Details56min 35s
Episode 76: Socialism and Capitalism...What is the correct balance?
Show Details58min 8s
Episode 75: Why do we value people less, when there are more of them?
Show Details52min 23s
Episode 74: How to periodically challenge your beliefs.
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 73: Why have we lost our attention span?
Show Details59min 13s
Episode 72: How to avoid making Faustian bargains.
Show Details48min 54s
Episode 71: How to approach people with curiosity.
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 70: An introduction to Astrology.
Show Details53min
Episode 69: Why we shouldn't allow outside forces to control our mood.
Show Details57min 44s
Episode 68: Where do our morals come from?
Show Details1hr 20min
Episode 67: Fear: the greater preventer of doing things.
Show Details54min 15s
Episode 66: Quantitative versus Qualitative reasoning...where is the correct balance?
Show Details50min 13s
Episode 65: Rome: The Decline of Democracy (Part IV)
Show Details47min 56s
Episode 64: The importance of space.
Show Details56min 47s
Episode 63: Rome: The Decline of Democracy (Part III)
Show Details47min 10s
Episode 62: Why have we stopped valuing education?
Show Details1hr
Episode 61: The dangers of specialization.
Show Details58min 19s
Episode 60: Why have we stopped seeing good people?
Show Details55min 56s
Episode 59: Life in a suitcase.
Show Details53min 47s
Episode 58: The virtues of being frugal.
Show Details44min 16s
Episode 57: What makes a good leader?
Show Details55min 6s
Episode 56: Is it ever right to charity shame?
Show Details49min 19s
Episode 55: A Tale of Two School Systems...Canada and The U.S.
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 54: Concrete versus Abstract reasoning people.
Show Details54min 57s
Episode 53: When is it appropriate to speak up and tell the truth?
Show Details58min 28s
Episode 52: A Brief Introduction to Paganism.
Show Details54min 21s
Episode 51: How do we know we are travelling down the right road in life?
Show Details49min 36s
Episode 50: Should we take ourselves too seriously?
Show Details58min 13s
Episode 49: Why do we always assume the worst in people?
Show Details55min 18s
Episode 48: Can we learn through other people's experience?
Show Details44min 27s
Episode 47: Rome: The Decline of Democracy (Part II)
Show Details43min 59s
Episode 46: What does it mean to be social? (Part III)
Show Details53min 32s
Episode 45: The life of a philosopher.
Show Details56min 52s
Episode 44: How to reflect and apologize.
Show Details44min 12s
Episode 43: Is it ever okay to abandon people?
Show Details51min 30s
Episode 42: Can we all become self-taught?
Show Details48min 16s
Episode 41: What does it mean to be social? (Part II)
Show Details52min 57s
Episode 40: What does it mean to be social? (Part I)
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 39: What is the right way to promote yourself?
Show Details37min 28s
Episode 38: When and when not is it acceptable to conform?
Show Details41min 7s
Episode 37: Ambition and Complacency: What is the correct balance?
Show Details52min 19s
Episode 36: Why is our media dumbing us down?
Show Details53min 32s
Episode 35: Must we grow as humans?
Show Details40min 10s
Episode 34: Why don't intellectual heavyweights debate more often?
Show Details48min 17s
Episode 33: Can our consciousness will something to come true?
Show Details53min 32s
Episode 32: Is it possible to belong to more than one religion?
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 31: Rome: The Decline of Democracy (Part 1)
Show Details57min 36s
Episode 30: Should we still help ungrateful people?
Show Details42min 12s
Episode 29: Why is our culture so obsessed with evil?
Show Details41min 21s
Episode 28: Class versus Group Identity: Where should we look more closely?
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 27: The boy and the red bike
Show Details7min 56s
Episode 26: What happens when you are the only one that cares?
Show Details32min 11s
Episode 25: Have we lost touch with nature?
Show Details42min 38s
Episode 24: How can we better regulate our emotions and behave logically?
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 23: Why have people stopped reading?
Show Details47min 42s
Episode 22: Meaning and Happiness...are they one in the same?
Show Details47min 7s
Episode 21: Why don't we judge humans the same way as cars?
Show Details3min 44s
Episode 20: Has college out served its purpose?
Show Details34min 39s
Episode 19: Why do we procrastinate?
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 18: Always run into volcanoes!
Show Details3min 16s
Episode 17: Why slow thinkers are actually incredibly valuable.
Show Details52min 14s
Episode 16: Can we be forced into evil behavior?
Show Details48min 28s
Episode 15: Get off the merry-go-round of fear
Show Details4min 22s
Episode 14: Is being a social person always a good thing?
Show Details55min 47s
Episode 13: As long as your still need to keep trying
Show Details3min 31s
Episode 12: Personal versus social accountability...where do we draw the line?
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 11: Don't become a disdainaholic
Show Details2min 29s
Episode 10: Leading by Example
Show Details47min 33s
Episode 9: are already invisible......
Show Details4min 11s
Episode 8: Don't Fear Technology
Show Details4min 6s
Episode 7: Is humanity progressing?
Show Details44min 22s
Episode 6: Stop praying for time to pass
Show Details5min 13s
Episode 5: Order and Chaos
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 4: What is Fire?
Show Details5min 30s
Episode 3: Is it better to be right or successful?
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 2: Why don't our best people rule?
Show Details1hr 27min
Introduction To Episode 2: What is a Philosopher King?
Show Details14min 29s
Episode 1: What is Truth?
Show Details1hr 37min
Introduction To Episode 1: What is Nihilism?
Show Details14min 29s
Show Details6min 26s