• Unsolved Case Brice and Spicy do a post gameplay discussion on what happened during the gameplay.

    Join Brice and Spicy as they discuss different points during the gameplay and also talk about a couple of facts regarding the game. A game that is a prequel to an un-released game series called “Cryptic Killer Series”. They must work together to solve puzzles and catch the Killer!!!

    26m - Mar 16, 2023
  • No Life Guys Trailer

    Hi, I'm Brice! And I'm Spicy... and we are the No Life Guys. Welcome!

    We chat every week while playing video games about video games... sometimes we have some friends join us.

    If you too love video games and have no life... you're one of us.

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    1m - Mar 1, 2023
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The No Life Guys