Episode 36 - September 30th, 1996

Season 2 | Episode 18
2h 48m | Nov 21, 2021

"BILL MURRAY!" It's episode 55 of Monday Nitro and the nWo are in a celebratory mood and Eric Bischoff is determined to crash the party! Elsewhere, allegiances on the Team WCW end of things are put into question. Is Elizabeth, of all people, joining the nWo?!

The match card: The Public Enemy vs El Technicho and Juventud Guerrera for the WCW Tag Team Championship; Alex Wright vs Dean Malenko; Eddie Guerrero vs Jim Powers; Hugh Morrus vs Brad Armstrong; Arn Anderson vs Chris Jericho; The Faces of Fear vs The Rock N' Roll Express; Lex Luger vs M. Wallstreet; and Chris Benoit vs Rick Steiner.

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