Episode 37 - October 7th, 1996

Season 2 | Episode 19
1h 58m | Dec 4, 2021

The boys battle the latest round of coughs, colds and sniffles to bring you the latest happenings in the world of wrestling in 1996.

Appearing today will be;

Arn Anderson, Booker T, Chris Benoit, Col. Robert Parker, Debra, Diamond Dallas Page, Glacier, Harlem Heat, High Voltage, Hugh Morrus, a "debuting" Jeff Jarrett, Jimmy Hart, Jim Powers, Johnny Grunge, Kenny Kaos, Lex Luger, Meng, Mike Winner, Rick Steiner, Robbie Rage, Rocco Rock, Scott Steiner, Sister Sherri, Squire David Taylor, Steve McMichael, Stevie Ray, Teddy Long, The Barbarian, The Faces Of Fear, The Public Enemy, The Renegade, and Woman.

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