Join Si & Scottish Danny to look back at one of the most exciting and crazy wrestling companies of all time, WCW.

Starting at the very first Monday Nitro, the duo will take in every show in order, until WCW closed its doors in 2001.

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NN EP28 - Clash of the Champions 32
Show Details1hr 15min
NN EP27 - BONUS SHOW! WCW Saturday Night 1992!
Show Details39min 30s
NN EP26 - 22.1.96 Nitro
Show Details47min 22s
NN EP25 - 15.1.96 Nitro
Show Details41min 28s
NN EP24 - 8.1.96 Nitro
Show Details53min 15s
NN EP23 - 1.1.96 Nitro
Show Details49min 47s
NN EP22 - 1995 Review
Show Details35min 52s
NN EP21 - Starrcade 1995
Show Details1hr 33min
NN EP20 - 25.12.95 Nitro
Show Details1hr 8min
NN EP19 - 18.12.95 Nitro
Show Details52min 36s
NN EP18 - 11.12.95 Nitro
Show Details1hr 2min
NN EP17 - 4.12.95 Nitro
Show Details36min 6s
NN EP16 - 27.11.95
Show Details49min 39s
NN EP15 - World War 3 1995
Show Details1hr 34min
NN EP14 - 20.11.95 Nitro
Show Details38min 33s
NN EP13 - 13.11.95 Nitro
Show Details40min 29s
NN EP12 - 6.11.95 Nitro
Show Details46min 20s
NN EP11 - 30.10.95 Nitro
Show Details36min 42s
NN EP10 - Halloween Havoc 95
Show Details1hr 28min
NN EP9 - 23.10.95
Show Details36min 14s
NN EP8 - 16.10.95 Nitro
Show Details36min 46s
NN EP7 - 9.10.95 Nitro
Show Details48min 41s
NN EP6 - 2.10.95 Nitro
Show Details31min 54s
NN EP5 - 25.9.95 Nitro
Show Details45min 18s
NN EP4 - 18.9.95 Nitro
Show Details37min 44s
NN EP3 - Fall Brawl 95
Show Details1hr 4min
NN EP2 - 11.9.95 Nitro
Show Details39min 26s
NN EP1 - 4.9.95 Nitro
Show Details46min 18s
NITRO NIGHTS EP25 - 15.1.96 Nitro
Show Details41min 16s
NITRO NIGHTS EP24 - 8.1.96 Nitro
Show Details53min 2s
Show Details1min 39s