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The Best You Podcast with Nick Carrier

The best version of you is the version who is most competent and reciprocal. The version of yourself who is able to solve the greatest number of problems and able to take advantage of the greatest number of opportunities both of yourself and others.

In this podcast, you'll learn how to gain competence in all areas of your life: health, personal, career, financial, spiritual, and relational.

And you'll learn how to build the strength of character to share that competence with others.


10WT Friday - The Secret To Staying On Track
Show Details9min 24s
Scott Schutte and Janine Stichter - Increasing Your Intrinsic Motivation
Show Details53min 42s
10WT Friday - How To Get More Steps In On A Daily Basis
Show Details9min 6s
Kevin Walton - The 4 Step Evolution of a Warrior
Show Details41min 38s
10WT Friday - 5 Things to Get From The Grocery Store
Show Details13min 55s
Scott Miller - Knowing When To Be Nice VS. When To Be Honest
Show Details35min 19s
10WT Friday - How to Get Back on Track After a Weekend of Drinking
Show Details11min 6s
Jay Fantom - Assessing The Difference Between Confidence and Pride
Show Details47min 51s
10WT Friday - Regular Lunges VS. Knees-Over-Toes Lunges
Show Details11min 58s
Taylor Washington - How To Stay Ready for Any Opportunity
Show Details40min 47s
10WT - Front Squats VS. Back Squats
Show Details12min 56s
Cary Jack - Achieving Balance In Life
Show Details44min
10WT Friday - How to Adjust Your Workout When Time Is Tight
Show Details13min 6s
David Nurse - Opening 4 More Doors When 1 Door Closes
Show Details43min 54s
10WT Friday - 3 Steps to Increasing Your Back Squat
Show Details11min 37s
Brian Peters - How To Be Simultaneously Confident and Humble
Show Details48min 22s
10WT Friday - 4 Steps to Build Muscle and Lose Body Fat at the Same Time
Show Details15min 33s
Amir Odom - Expressing Your Opinion In The Face of Fear
Show Details45min 53s
10-WT Friday - How to Get to Bed on Time
Show Details12min 46s
Christina Lecuyer - Building Your Internal Validation
Show Details45min 48s
10-WT Friday - The 6 Rules to Eating Healthy - Part 2
Show Details19min 21s
Kate Pettersen - The Importance of Giving Yourself Grace
Show Details48min 12s
10WT Friday - The 6 Rules to Eating Healthy - Part 1
Show Details16min 38s
John Hagel III - How To Take Action Instead of Fear
Show Details31min 58s
Fitness Goal Friday - 3 Things to Stop Saying to Yourself
Show Details11min 54s
Brooke Hemingway - How To Overcome a Lack of Confidence
Show Details55min 53s
Fitness Goal Friday - 4 Tips to Eating Healthier on July 4th
Show Details10min 40s
Jim and Kelsi Romero - Handling Hardship with Grace
Show Details36min 35s
Fitness Goal Friday - Mindless Snacking? 4 Tips to Overcoming It
Show Details10min 11s
Amanda Nighbert - Should YOU Try Fasting?
Show Details49min 10s
Fitness Goal Friday - Struggling to Form a New Habit? 3 Things To Try
Show Details10min 3s
Erwin McManus - How To Be Resilient
Show Details40min 36s
Fitness Goal Friday - Do Your Kids Have a Crazy Summer Schedule? 4 Tips to Stay Healthy
Show Details9min 51s
Nick Carrier - The Beginnings of Best You (feat. Ace Downs)
Show Details26min 14s
Cristian Plascencia - How To Stay Injury Free
Show Details45min 53s
Fitness Goal Friday - When To Use What Cooking Oils
Show Details10min 39s
Jake Thompson - How To Avoid Regret
Show Details46min 37s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Eliminate Bad Habits
Show Details10min 13s
Tim Schurrer - How To Define Success
Show Details53min 58s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Set the Appropriate Size Goal
Show Details12min 18s
Amberly Lago - Don't Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else's Middle
Show Details42min 40s
Fitness Goal Friday - Why Muscle is Key to Health and Longevity
Show Details10min 54s
Kimberly Plessel - The Three Things You Need On Your Plate
Show Details58min 26s
Fitness Goal Friday - Why To Try Fasting
Show Details16min 34s
Nicole Griffin - Becoming Echelon's Top Cycling Instructor
Show Details42min 16s
Fitness Goal Friday - 4 Ways to Manage Emotions With Your Fitness Goals
Show Details10min 54s
Jackie Bledsoe - The Seven Rings Of Marriage
Show Details47min 19s
Fitness Goal Friday - Stop Beating Yourself Up
Show Details11min 43s
Rich Maloney - How To Master Your Inner World
Show Details42min 59s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Create Microhabits
Show Details8min 52s
Mignon Francois - The Four Steps of Mastering a Skill
Show Details53min 30s
Fitness Goal Friday - The Ideal Weekly Workout Routine
Show Details9min 39s
Alan Stein Jr. - How To Raise Your Game to the Next Level
Show Details1hr 4min
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Create Your Health and Fitness Scoreboard
Show Details9min 24s
Aaron Craft - Make An Impact Every Day
Show Details49min 7s
Fitness Goal Friday - Why NOT To Be An All Or Nothing Person
Show Details9min 18s
Kute Blackson - Nobody Owes You Anything
Show Details43min 40s
Fitness Goal Friday - Burning Calories Now vs. Later
Show Details8min 13s
Conner Carrier - How To Achieve Balance in Your Life (Pt. 2)
Show Details51min 43s
Conner Carrier - How To Get Right With Your Finances (Pt. 1)
Show Details32min 38s
Fitness Goal Friday - If You’re Not Seeing Results, Ask Yourself THIS
Show Details10min
Cody Byrns - How To Live Free from the Bonds of Scars
Show Details45min 5s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Get Back on Track Quickly
Show Details9min 10s
Todd Kashdan - How To Accept Varying Opinions
Show Details50min 26s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Change Your Mindset Towards Your Goals
Show Details6min 13s
Matt Overton - Why You Need to “Stay Ready”
Show Details40min 26s
Fitness Goal Friday - Two Keys to Healthy Eating
Show Details8min 43s
Jon Gordon - How to Believe in Yourself and Transfer Lasting Belief to Others
Show Details30min 53s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Do What You Said You Were Going to Do
Show Details9min 6s
Chris Brown - Transform the Sting of your Past into Purpose for Today
Show Details40min 3s
Fitness Goal Friday - What to Eat Before Your Workout?
Show Details9min 22s
Samantha Harris - Digging Deep Into the “Why” of Cancer
Show Details39min 12s
Fitness Goal Friday - If You Plan on Doing a Race and Not Training ... Think Again!
Show Details8min 12s
Dr. J.J. Peterson - How to Dream Big
Show Details49min 28s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Be Successful Post January
Show Details8min 20s
Patrick McKeown: The Importance of Proper Breathing
Show Details1hr 1min
Fitness Goal Friday - Training vs. Overtraining: Finding the Right Balance
Show Details11min 38s
DJ Blatner - How To Improve Your Health by Becoming a Flexitarian
Show Details47min 27s
Fitness Goal Friday - Build Your BYG
Show Details10min 3s
Ian Morgan Cron - How the Enneagram Can Help You Grow
Show Details46min 47s
Fitness Goal Friday - During Christmas and New Years Make It Not As Bad As It Could Be
Show Details8min 29s
Derrick Mason: How He Was Successful During His Career and How He Stays Successful After
Show Details38min 5s
Fitness Goal Friday - Why You Need a Scoreboard to Achieve Your Goal
Show Details8min 42s
Ken Joslin: Why You NEED to be Around People Who Think Bigger Than You
Show Details39min 29s
Fitness Goal Friday - Can I Lose Weight From Taking Spin Classes Alone?
Show Details8min 50s
Best Of Best You 2021
Show Details54min 36s
Fitness Goal Friday - How To Identify Your Progress Indicators
Show Details7min 10s
How to Set Your 2022 Goals
Show Details22min 34s
Fitness Goal Friday - The Three Rules to Clean Eating
Show Details11min 15s
Greg McKeown: Why Easy Does Not Equal Lazy
Show Details28min 33s
Fitness Goal Friday - How Big to Set Your Goals
Show Details8min
Cody Alan: How to Be a Better Listener and a Compassionate Person
Show Details39min 54s
Fitness Goal Friday - Start on Time and Finish on Time
Show Details7min 8s
Christian Elliot: How to Have a Growth Mindset with your Health
Show Details43min 12s
Fitness Goal Friday - Why Willpower is NOT The Key to Discipline
Show Details7min 24s
Kelsey Carrier - Interviewing Nick (Part 2)
Show Details39min 44s
Kelsey Carrier - Interviewing Nick (Part 1)
Show Details46min 40s
Fitness Goal Friday - Why Calories During your Workout Doesn't Matter
Show Details10min 45s
Sean Dowdell - How to Find the Best People for your Business
Show Details36min 21s
Fitness Goal Friday - Complexity is the Enemy of Execution
Show Details7min 17s
Jake Kelfer - How to Build an Authentic Network
Show Details31min 12s
Fitness Goal Friday - Cardio Then Weights, or Weights Then Cardio?
Show Details5min 54s
Sarry Ibrahim - How to Take Ownership of Your Financial Situation
Show Details34min 17s
Fitness Goal Friday - Why Strength Training is a MUST
Show Details10min 8s
Joe Sanok - How to Get More Done by Working Efficiently
Show Details21min 25s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Build Self-Confidence
Show Details9min 8s
Geoff Girvitz - How to Create Sustained Behavioral Change
Show Details44min 29s
Fitness Goal Friday - 3 Things to Do During Football Season to Keep You on Track with Your Health
Show Details9min 56s
Mel Abraham - How to Build Wealth for Your Future Self
Show Details47min 55s
Fitness Goal Friday - How to Balance Order and Chaos
Show Details12min 29s
Sean O'Keefe - How to Network & Create Career Changing Opportunities
Show Details43min 18s
How Often You Should Step on the Scale
Show Details7min 39s
Alan Chadwick - In Conversation with the Legendary Marist High School Football Coach
Show Details1hr 5min
The 4 Food Groups I Choose From
Show Details9min 47s
Ellen Latham - How She Founded and Grew Orangetheory Fitness to Over 1 Million Members
Show Details56min 28s
How to Pace Yourself in Workouts (and in Life) - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details8min 40s
Elliot Hulse - How to Find Your Inner King
Show Details54min 41s
Easy Tricks to Stop Hitting The Snooze Button - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details10min 16s
Trey Roth - Making Wins out of Losses
Show Details53min 40s
One Trick to Ensure Consistency - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details10min 42s
Mike Linch - Life is a Journey, Not a Checklist
Show Details58min 43s
How to Be More Disciplined: Do These 3 Things - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details9min 21s
Andrea Martin - Stop Torturing Yourself and Switch Industries
Show Details52min 11s
How to Improve at Push Ups: Do These 3 Things - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details10min 28s
Scott Miller - The Everyday Guide to Navigate Your Professional Life
Show Details1hr 4min
Why Training Harder is NOT Better
Show Details8min 49s
From The Vault: Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton
Show Details1hr 8min
The 4 Keys to Running a Faster Mile - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details7min 57s
From The Vault: Olympic Gold Medalist Mitch Gaylord
Show Details1hr 2min
Why Diets are Bull***t - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details14min 56s
How to Stop Letting Yourself Down
Show Details19min 9s
Why Instant Gratification will KILL Your Results - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details8min 15s
Dr. Mark Goulston - How Do We Get The Person to Invest?
Show Details1hr 4min
How to Not Skip Your Workouts - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details9min 32s
Jim Davidson - Optimism vs Realism
Show Details56min 37s
How to Eat Healthy When Traveling - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details11min 13s
Alex Judd - How To Keep Perspective And Promote Healthy Growth
Show Details55min 54s
How to Eat Healthy on the Weekends - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details6min 57s
Cooper Alan - How to Make Waves in the Music Industry as an Artist
Show Details39min 20s
Nutrition: 3 Things to Optimize
Show Details10min 46s
Chris McChesney - How Small Wins Unlock the Potential for Enormous Success
Show Details1hr 5min
The 3 Reasons You're Plateauing in the Gym - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details11min 1s
299. Soo Bong Peer - How to Build Self Confidence as a Minority and as a Human Being
Show Details57min 24s
298. Kellie Bernardi - Give Yourself Grace
Show Details22min 29s
297. Dr. Melissa Davis - Healthy Stress
Show Details39min 32s
296. Define Your Progress Indicators - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details10min 28s
295. Corey Little - Good Habits come from Self-Love
Show Details1hr 2min
294. Ryan Kinder - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details23min 37s
293. Wordsmith - Standing Out
Show Details35min 39s
292. Define Your Success Indicator - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details11min 8s
291. Mario Tomic - How To Create Lifestyle Habit Changes
Show Details47min 44s
290. How to Build Belief in Yourself - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details8min 44s
289. Dr. John Jaquish - Live Longer
Show Details1hr 1min
288. What Are Your BYG? - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details10min 34s
287. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Dave Ruel
Show Details9min 30s
286. Dave Ruel - Working Right
Show Details48min 4s
285. Why You Forgot to Meal Prep - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details10min 46s
284. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Pamela Fuller
Show Details9min 29s
283. Pamela Fuller - Understanding Bias
Show Details56min 52s
282. What Should You Eat? - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details12min 15s
281. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Dr. Austin Perlmutter
Show Details11min
280. Dr. Austin Perlmutter - Change Your Brain
Show Details1hr 4min
279. Fitness Goal Friday - See Your Commitments As Promises
Show Details10min 34s
278. Nick's 3 Takeaways - John Lee Dumas
Show Details13min 39s
277. John Lee Dumas - Reaching Uncommon Success
Show Details32min 58s
276. Fitness Goal Friday - The 3 Rules To Eating Clean
Show Details17min 1s
275. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Chris Fowler
Show Details12min 36s
274. Chris Fowler - Starting College Gameday, How to Face Your Fears, and More!
Show Details1hr 3min
273. Fitness Goal Friday - Why You're Not Seeing Results
Show Details10min 33s
272. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Kevin Nahai
Show Details11min 32s
271. Kevin Nahai - Creating Successful Relationships
Show Details54min 40s
270. What are YOU Willing to Sacrifice? - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details10min 15s
269. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Eliot Marshall
Show Details11min 43s
268. Eliot Marshall - Break Down To Build Up
Show Details54min 20s
267. Weight Loss is Simple...It Takes 4 Things - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details17min 30s
266. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Roy Mangrum
Show Details12min 30s
265. Roy Mangrum - Turn Up The Volume
Show Details51min 43s
264. Two Uncommon Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Goal - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details11min 35s
263. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Steve J Larsen
Show Details11min 22s
262. Steve J Larsen - Be You, Louder
Show Details34min 35s
261. What and When to Eat Before Working Out - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details16min 34s
260. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Mark & Crystal Hansen
Show Details10min 43s
259. Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Dwyer Hansen - Ask Bigger Questions
Show Details56min 11s
258. How to Choose the Right Weights For YOU - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details12min 11s
257. Nick's 3 Takeaway's - Katherine Ross
Show Details9min 54s
256. Katherine Ross - Asking The Tough Questions
Show Details47min 53s
255. Do YOU Need a Fitness Goal? - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details9min 35s
254. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Aaron Craft
Show Details9min 19s
253. Aaron Craft - Make An Impact Every Day
Show Details53min 18s
252. Perfection Is More About Consistency Than Intensity - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details9min 33s
251. Nick's 3 Takeaway's - Will Nitze
Show Details8min 52s
250. Will Nitze - Change The Way You Approach Risk
Show Details56min 46s
249. Don't Lie To Yourself About THIS! - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details10min 21s
248. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Mike Swigunksi
Show Details9min 55s
247. Mike Swigunski - How To Work Anywhere and Travel Forever
Show Details30min 9s
246. Answer These Questions Before Setting Your Goals - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details19min 45s
245. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Tank & Jill
Show Details8min 42s
244. Tank & Jill - How To Lose 20+ Pounds In 10 Weeks
Show Details48min 17s
243. It's More Important to Learn From SUCCESS Than Failure - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details8min 50s
242. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Communicate Your Goals
Show Details9min 7s
241. Marcus Johnson - Live Life For The Love Of...
Show Details59min 57s
240. It's Not About What You Do, It's About HOW You Do It - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details9min 5s
239. Nick's 3 Takeaways - You Dictate Your Life
Show Details8min 21s
238. Nick Shaw - Taking Advantage of a Negative Situation
Show Details47min 52s
237. See Your Commitments as PROMISES - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details8min 21s
236. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Reflect on Failure
Show Details7min 28s
235. Laura Stewart - Do The Difficult Things First
Show Details50min 32s
234. Stay Hyper-focused On 2-3 Things - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details7min 8s
233. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Embrace Discomfort
Show Details7min 47s
232. Dr. Maggie Berghoff - How to be a High Functioning, Healthy, CEO
Show Details45min 6s
231. How do you 'Start Small' - Fitness Goal Friday
Show Details5min 57s
230. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Take Control of Your Time
Show Details8min 11s
229. Greg McKeown - How to Become an Essentialist
Show Details53min 20s
228. How to Not Let a Wedding or a Bachelorette Trip Stop You From Hitting Your Fitness Goal
Show Details8min 43s
227. Nick's 3 Takeaways - There's a Bright Side to Everything
Show Details6min 41s
226. Ryne Harper - How to Stay Positive in the Minor Leagues
Show Details37min 17s
225. Fitness Goal Friday - The Creation Story
Show Details12min 12s
224. Nick's 3 Takeaways - You Have Never "Made It"
Show Details6min 29s
223. Kylie Morgan - How to Make it in Country Music
Show Details42min 26s
222. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Intentionally Place Yourself in Your UNCOMFORT ZONE
Show Details7min 3s
221. Nicky Billou - Kick Resistance in the Nuts Everyday
Show Details41min 45s
220. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Let Your Why Fuel You
Show Details9min
219. Jarryd Wallace - From Leg Amputation to 2x Paralympian
Show Details53min 58s
218. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Talk to Somebody
Show Details7min 34s
217. Cory Underwood - How Suicide Saved His Life
Show Details44min 29s
Ep. 216 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Take a Leap of Faith
Show Details6min 50s
215. Jas Takhar - How to Get Out of Your Own Way
Show Details54min 49s
214. Nick's 3 Takeaways - There are NO SHORTCUTS!
Show Details8min 15s
213. Sam Tinnesz - This is How Legends are Made
Show Details41min 13s
212. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Surrender the Outcome
Show Details8min 36s
211. Will Robins - What a Tsunami Taught Him About Life and Golf
Show Details52min 54s
210. Nick's 3 Takeaways - You CAN'T WAIT Until you Feel Ready
Show Details10min
209. Bishop Joel Konzen - What it Means to "Believe" in God
Show Details47min 52s
208. Nick's 3 Takeaways - You MUST Evaluate your Wins
Show Details9min 33s
207. Hannah Huesman - How to Focus on the RIGHT THING at the RIGHT TIME
Show Details52min 46s
206. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Your Choices MATTER
Show Details6min 51s
205. Thomas Dismukes - How to Tell a Great Story
Show Details48min 18s
204. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Passion Doesn't Pay the Bills
Show Details6min 18s
203. Terry Barga - The 10-Step Guide for the Everyday Entrepreneur
Show Details38min 8s
202. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Comparison is the Thief of Joy
Show Details9min 24s
201. Tania Yelton - How an Injury Allowed Her to REDEFINE SUCCESS!
Show Details1hr 1min
200. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Health and Wellness is the FOUNDATION of Success
Show Details9min 5s
199. Janet McKee - How to Succeed Stress Free
Show Details55min 23s
198. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Self Compassion is KEY to Learning
Show Details8min 16s
197. Eric Zimmer - How to Create Change in Your Life
Show Details56min 38s
196. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Don't be Regretful Because...
Show Details7min 5s
195. Scott Stapp - Don't Regret Bad Decisions, Let Them Be Your Strength
Show Details34min 32s
194. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Marketing is about Awareness
Show Details8min
193. Matt Wan - Building Trust with Others as a 22 year old CEO
Show Details43min 6s
192. Nick's 3 Takeaways - Remote work is harder than you think
Show Details8min 9s
191. PJ Taei - Getting Comfortable is the Enemy of Success
Show Details40min 10s
190. Have a Short Memory - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details8min 22s
189. Jim Morris - How to Overcome the Odds and Become a Dream Maker
Show Details55min 12s
188. Be Protected When the Unexpected Occurs - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 13s
187. Tom Peterson - How to Start Building Financial Wealth
Show Details54min 33s
186. Projects are NOT Irreversible - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details8min 8s
185. Charlie Gilkey - Start Finishing, How to Go From Idea to Done
Show Details53min 9s
184. Why you NEED TO Share your Dreams - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 47s
183. CJ Stewart - Going from Poverty to Prosperity with Conviction
Show Details53min 19s
182. Which Financial Advisor to Trust - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 51s
181. Wayne B. Titus III - Your Guide to Financial Well-Being
Show Details47min 20s
180. Coach the Whole Person not just the Player - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 43s
179. Coach Mike Strickland - How to Lead People Your Own Age
Show Details46min 22s
178. Small Wins EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. - Nick'3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 56s
177. Ted Baxter - How a Massive Stroke Changed my Life for the Better
Show Details42min 16s
176. This is how you resolve workplace conflicts - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 46s
175. Vicky Oliver - Steps to take when job hunting, dealing with coworkers and bosses, and virtual workplace tips
Show Details50min 54s
Ep. 174 Accept Your Whole Self - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 23s
Michael Brody-Waite - Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts
Show Details43min 16s
Ep. 173 Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman - Transcend: A Revised Hierarchy of Needs
Show Details42min 5s
Ep. 172 Don't be Afraid to be Transformational - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 18s
Ep. 171 Jared Gutstadt - Creativity + Persistence = Breakthrough
Show Details41min 34s
Ep. 170 Don't Go Too Big Too Early - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 30s
Ep. 169 Troy Underwood - How to Launch Your Side Hustle
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 168 Time Management = Pain Management - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 34s
Ep. 167 Nir Eyal - How to Become "Indistractable"
Show Details54min 17s
Ep. 166 Cross Generational Engagment - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 11s
Ep. 165 Laura Lea Bryant - Replay Episode!
Show Details39min 20s
Ep. 164 Dr. Dennis Jaffe - How to Build a Family Business
Show Details49min 43s
Ep. 163 Find a Way to Be Unique - Nick's 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min
Ep. 162 Hal Coleman - How to Make Your Business Stand Out
Show Details55min 9s
Ep. 161 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Why to Never Stop Educating Yourself in Your Field
Show Details7min 55s
Ep. 160 Rich Redmond - How to Build a Career from the Ground Up
Show Details48min 57s
Ep. 159 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Define Success for Yourself
Show Details6min 4s
Ep. 158 Louis York - How to Not Care What Others Think About You
Show Details49min 29s
Ep. 157 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Big TEAM, Little me
Show Details7min 4s
Ep. 156 Vince and Barbara Dooley - Building a Team, Culture, and Community at UGA
Show Details40min 38s
Ep. 155 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Don't Work Hard at Being Yourself
Show Details6min 43s
Ep. 154 Alex Judd - How to Gain Clarity on Your Vision
Show Details52min 40s
Ep. 153 Nick's 3 Takeaways - #2 Speak to be Understood
Show Details8min 27s
Ep. 152 Dr. Rick Brinkman - Dealing With People You Can't Stand
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 151 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Ken Cloke
Show Details6min 55s
Ep. 150 Ken Cloke - How to Resolve Conflicts at Work and In Relationships
Show Details52min 10s
Ep. 149 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Ling-Ling Nie
Show Details7min 12s
Ep. 148 Ling-Ling Nie - Becoming a Leader and Relieving Stress
Show Details56min 20s
Ep. 147 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Dr. Mark Goulston
Show Details6min 37s
Ep. 146 Dr. Mark Goulston - How to Listen and Get Through to Absolutely Anyone
Show Details1hr 18min
Ep. 145 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Chris Irvin aka. "The Ketologist"
Show Details9min 43s
Ep. 144 Chris Irvin - Keto Answers with "The Ketologist"
Show Details1hr 13min
Ep. 143 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Alden Mills
Show Details8min 12s
Ep. 142 Alden Mills - Be Unstoppable with Former Navy SEAL Platoon Commander and Creator of the Perfect Push-Up
Show Details48min
Ep. 141 Celeste Headlee - The 4 Ways Email is More Useful than Face to Face
Show Details7min 46s
Ep. 140 Nick Carrier - 5 Step Method to Follow Through with a Promise that You Make to Yourself
Show Details27min 43s
Ep. 139 Molly Fletcher - How to Fail FAST and Recover FASTER
Show Details13min 49s
Ep. 138 Celebrities at Super Bowl LIII - Life Lessons
Show Details26min
Ep. 137 Nick's 3 Takeaways - Dr. Gleb Tsipursky
Show Details8min 38s
Ep. 136 Dr. Gleb Tsipursky - Never Go With Your Gut
Show Details59min 50s
Ep. 135 Angie Keilhauer - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 33s
Ep. 134 Angie Keilhauer - Give Time to Others
Show Details35min 31s
Ep. 133 Adam Sansiveri - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 20s
Ep. 132 Adam Sansiveri - The Importance of Intellectual Curiosity
Show Details42min 4s
Ep. 131 Chad Wohlers - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 47s
Ep. 130 Chad Wohlers - How to Brand Yourself Authentically
Show Details57min 17s
Ep. 129 John Eades - Create Self Discipline
Show Details7min 41s
Ep. 128 John Eades - How to Build the Best Leader
Show Details53min 17s
Ep. 127 Alex Herrera - Put Your Own Skin in the Game
Show Details6min 54s
Ep. 126 Alex Herrera - Get Educated on CBD by Palm Organix
Show Details49min 34s
Ep. 125 Dean Hall - Be Careful What You Ask Yourself
Show Details6min 51s
Ep. 124 Dean Hall - How Purpose Can Bring You Back to Life Pt. 2
Show Details34min 14s
Ep. 123 Dean Hall - How Purpose Can Bring You Back to Life Pt. 1
Show Details35min 29s
Ep. 122 Tay Sweat - Study in the Dip
Show Details7min 59s
Ep. 121 Tay Sweat - From 312lbs to Vegan Trainer and Business Coach
Show Details52min 41s
Ep. 120 Jim Davidson - Awareness + Acceptance = Resilience
Show Details6min 7s
Ep. 119 Jim Davidson - Post Traumatic Growth
Show Details52min 49s
Ep. 118 Kyle Farmer - To Gain Something, You Must Sacrifice Something
Show Details8min 58s
Ep. 117 Kyle Farmer - How "The Law of Attraction" can Turn Your Career Around
Show Details54min 41s
Ep. 116 Coach Cop - Get Emotionally Involved
Show Details7min 34s
Ep. 115 Coach Cop - The Ultimate Badass
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep. 114 FranklinCovey Powerhouse - Under Commit Over Deliver
Show Details6min 47s
Ep. 113 The FranklinCovey Powerhouse - How to be a Highly Effective Person
Show Details47min 31s
Ep. 112 Edwin Arroyave - Why You NEED PROBLEMS
Show Details7min 56s
Ep. 111 Edwin Arroyave Pt. 2 - How to Level-Up Your Personal Performance
Show Details45min 7s
Ep. 110 Edwin Arroyave - How to Level-Up Your Personal Performance Pt. 1
Show Details46min 37s
Ep. 109 Flip Flippen - Ask Yourself What You Want
Show Details7min 37s
Ep. 108 Flip Flippen - Author the Life You Were Meant to Live
Show Details53min 19s
Ep. 107 Will Moorad - Push Past Failure
Show Details6min 58s
Ep. 106 Will Moorad - Don't JUST exercise...TRAIN!
Show Details38min 7s
Ep. 105 Waldo Waldman - Be an Empty Vessel
Show Details8min 33s
Ep. 104 Waldo Waldman - How to Prepare and Execute Your Mission
Show Details53min 5s
Ep. 103 Matt Johnson - The Ability to Self Correct
Show Details9min 16s
Ep. 102 Matt Johnson - Expand Your Human Capacity
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep. 101 Jerry Farber - Control What You Can Control
Show Details8min 9s
Ep. 100 Jerry Farber - The Importance of Learning from Your Failures
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 99 Brooke Sydnor Curran - Do Something for Yourself
Show Details8min 17s
Ep. 98 Brooke Sydnor Curran - "Embrace the Badness"
Show Details1hr 19min
Ep. 97 Chris McChesney - Create a Winnable Game
Show Details8min 55s
Ep. 96 Chris McChesney - How to EXECUTE your Goals
Show Details1hr 33min
Ep. 95 Football Lessons - Emmitt Smith, DeMarco Murray and More!
Show Details9min 21s
Ep. 94 What Does Football Teach Us?
Show Details38min 6s
Ep. 93 Michael Chandler - Get Around People Who Scare You
Show Details8min 57s
Ep. 92 Michael Chandler - How to Define Yourself
Show Details1hr
Ep. 91 Mike Luckovich - Allow Failure to Motivate
Show Details8min 10s
Ep. 90 Mike Luckovich - The Benefits of Procrastination
Show Details53min 18s
Ep. 89 Stephen M.R. Covey - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details8min 59s
Ep. 88 Stephen M.R. Covey - The Speed of Trust
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep. 87 Vallie Collins - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details8min 11s
Ep. 86 Vallie Collins - Miracle on the Hudson
Show Details56min 2s
Ep. 85 Chase Akers - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 39s
Ep. 84 Chase Akers - Stretch Your Potential Pt. 2
Show Details41min 22s
Ep. 83 Chase Akers - Stretch Your Potential Pt. 1
Show Details45min 23s
Ep. 82 Celeste Headlee - Listen with the Intent to Learn
Show Details7min 34s
Ep. 81 Celeste Headlee - How to Have Better Conversations
Show Details56min 1s
Ep. 80 Megan Kearney - Do What's Important vs. What's Urgent
Show Details8min 2s
Ep. 79 Megan Kearney - The Power of Meditation
Show Details53min 27s
Ep. 78 Terri Britt Takeaways - Be Unapologetically Authentic
Show Details7min 9s
Ep. 77 Terri Britt - Live Your Life For You
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 76 Marcus Whitney - Objectives, Strategy, and Tactics
Show Details7min 30s
Ep. 75 Marcus Whitney - The Dynamics of Entrepreneurship
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 74 Jim Morris - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 21s
Ep. 73 Jim Morris - Remember Who You Are
Show Details52min 14s
Ep. 72 Jim Tunney - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 35s
Ep. 71 Jim Tunney - You're Only as Good as Your Next Call
Show Details49min 55s
Ep. 70 James Crumlin - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details8min 21s
Ep. 69 James Crumlin - Face Your Fears
Show Details55min 44s
Ep. 68 Dr. Charles Redd - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 9s
Ep. 67 Dr. Charles Redd - Become a Slave to your Gift
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 66 Shawne Merriman - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 8s
Ep. 65 Shawne Merriman - The Importance of Giving Back
Show Details18min 2s
Ep. 64 Mitch Gaylord - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 24s
Ep. 63 Mitch Gaylord - Breaking Through the Mental Hurdle
Show Details58min 14s
Ep. 62 Jimmie Allen - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 36s
Ep. 61 Jimmie Allen - Give it Your Best Shot
Show Details31min 18s
Ep. 60 Steve Bartkowski - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 3s
Ep. 59 Steve Bartkowski - Put Other People's Goals First
Show Details57min 6s
Ep. 58 Scott Miller - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 21s
Ep. 57 Scott Miller - Become the Leader You'd Want to Follow
Show Details57min 14s
Ep. 56 Jim Owen - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 39s
Ep. 55 Jim Owen - Fit at 78
Show Details55min 18s
Ep. 54 Ryan and Heather Kinder - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 56s
Ep. 53 Ryan and Heather Kinder - Don't Get Complacent
Show Details44min 6s
Ep. 52 Molly Fletcher - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details8min 50s
Ep. 51 Molly Fletcher - The "Female Jerry Maguire"
Show Details52min 53s
Ep. 50 Bill Oberst Jr. - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 38s
Ep. 49 Bill Oberst Jr. - Find Your Passion
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 48 Taylor Wesley - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 15s
Ep. 47 Taylor Wesley - The Opposite of Addiction is Connection
Show Details56min 31s
Ep. 46 Gerell Webb - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 30s
Ep. 45 Gerell Webb - Know Your Why
Show Details46min 39s
Ep. 44 Ryan Freebing - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 11s
Ep. 43 Ryan Freebing - Side Hustle Turned Career
Show Details56min 11s
Ep. 42 Danielle Ontiveros - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 27s
Ep. 41 Danielle Ontiveros - Keep it About the People
Show Details45min 42s
Ep. 40 The Importance of Taking Action
Show Details6min 32s
Ep. 39 Expectations, Intention, and Commitment
Show Details36min 29s
Ep. 38 Super Bowl LIII Red Carpet - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 25s
Ep. 37 - Super Bowl LIII Red Carpet
Show Details23min 48s
Ep. 36 Lee and Emmy Singer - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 2s
Ep. 35 Lee and Emmy Singer - Chase Your Passion
Show Details58min 48s
Ep. 34 Jake and Jackie Long - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 23s
Ep. 33 Jake and Jackie Long - In Sickness and In Health
Show Details46min 2s
Ep. 32 Kori Ade - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 55s
Ep. 31 Kori Ade - Build Your Threshold
Show Details56min 32s
Ep. 30 Hilary Billings - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 11s
Ep. 29 Hilary Billings - Magnify Your Uniqueness
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 28 Dr. Leslie Shew - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details6min 11s
Ep. 27 Dr. Leslie Shew - Managing Panic Attacks
Show Details54min 19s
Ep. 26 DeMarco Murray - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 57s
Ep. 25 DeMarco Murray - Hard Work and Respect
Show Details37min 22s
Ep. 24 Michael Brody-Waite - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details7min 30s
Ep. 22 Laura Lea Bryant - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 43s
Ep. 20 Christ Byford - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 45s
Ep. 19 Chris Byford - Self Acceptance
Show Details58min 9s
Ep. 17 Matt Thomas - Create your Hero's Journey
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 16 Umama Kibria - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 43s
Ep. 15 Umama Kibria - Take Care of Yourself First
Show Details41min 36s
Ep. 14 Melissa Wesley - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 44s
Ep. 13 Melissa Wesley - Be True to Yourself
Show Details41min 11s
Ep. 12 Todd McCollough - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 44s
Ep. 11 Todd McCullough - Get Your Mind Right
Show Details40min 10s
Ep. 10 Jacob Fasig - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 42s
Ep. 9 Jacob Fasig - How to Set Priorities
Show Details47min 46s
Ep. 8 Scott Hamilton - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 1s
Ep. 7 Scott Hamilton - How To Finish First
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 6 Pat Graves - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 43s
Ep. 5 Pat Graves - Turning Flipping Into a Career
Show Details37min 6s
Ep. 4 Haven Nutt - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 42s
Ep. 3 Haven Nutt - It Comes From Within
Show Details34min 21s
Ep. 2 Derrick Billups - My 3 Takeaways
Show Details5min 43s
Ep. 1 Derrick Billups - Hustle With Intention
Show Details46min 32s
Ep. 000 Start Your Journey to Your Best You
Show Details16min 55s