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Nichols Mindset Podcast

The Nichols Mindset unlike any other podcasts you've heard before. On this podcast, you'll get to know everyday people and their perspectives on failure, achievement, overcoming struggles/challenges in life. We hope to understand better what goes on in their mind while going through tough times or achieving success!You can expect many different types of personalities from all walks of life who have experienced something that we can all relate to. From blue & white-collar workers to entrepreneurs, we want everyone's story! Our goal is for the listener (you) to walk away with a new perspective about themselves after listening to each episode.If there's one thing I've learned over the years as an aspiring entrepreneur and digital marketer – Is that adversity brings out the best in us when we face it head-on with courage and humility. And our guests are no exception; they too have faced many challenges along their journey but were able to overcome them because they had a mindset that allowed them not only to survive but thrive during those difficult moments! So join me every other week as I interview these amazing individuals so together we can learn how they overcame some pretty challenging obstacles - just by changing their mindset!Hopefully, this podcast will inspire you towards the path of success with the right mind-frame & perspectives! So tune into the Nichols Mindset Podc