Africans in America have been stripped of our history, culture, languages etc. yet we continue to be the most powerful influence on American culture especially to the youth. Our mission is to discuss societal change/influence of our people in a way that highlights our achievements and help understand our downfalls/mishaps. American media is designed to do the exact opposite so join us as we oppose this old norm and MAKE THE NORM; a narrative of and for Black Excellence! We are the culture that forms society.


Ep 14: Is Kevin Samuels mean or are the women trolling; Like CharelstonJWhite the Troll of all trolls?
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Ep. 13 Will the "Patriots" return to DC or Nah? (Corrected)
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Ep 12: We want justice and accountability or we just want Kyrie to play ball (#shutupanddribble)
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Ep 11: Corvette Corvette Pophunna.. Is he a snitch, and was Meek contract for PoundsidePop bad?
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Ep 10: Lena L talks growth, life, music and energy. (1st Guest show)
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EP. 9 If Beans and Young Chris not in your top 5 You cant be from Philly nomore. Periodt!
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Episode 8: Whites girl gone Wild "The Shrimp vs the Snicker"
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These Verzuz battles would Trump all battles!!
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Hand Down, Mand Down
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Ep 5: You hood but you aint no Gangsta! and thats cool!
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Ep.4: Should you be worried about the virus or the vaccine?
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Ep. 3: Devils Advocate
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Episode 2
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Wanton Soup
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