New to Cooking

If you are a person like me, you know that cooking your own food is better for you, less expensive, and healthier, and yet we don't do it. I'm in my fifties and venturing into the kitchen to start cooking. If you want to learn along with me, come along for the ride as I talk techniques, recipes, strategies to create great food without losing my mind.


Souper Cubes: Great When You Cook For One
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Power XL Smokeless Grill Review
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Quick, Yummy Friend Egg Sandwhiches
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Beef Veggie "Stuff"
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Colgin Liquid Smoke Makes Things Tasty
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The Grill of Oz
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Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice
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Alexa in the Kitchen
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NOT Chipotle
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Garden Pasta
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Turkey Meatloaves and the "New to Cooking" Attitude
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How Cool is the Instant Pot? (or is it Instapot ?)
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Getting and Storing Spices
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What Am I Doing In the Kitchen?
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New to Cooking Trailer
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