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New Song Church in Pittsburgh. PA

You will find that this is not a “typical” church.  

New Song is probably not like the church you grew up in.  

We are ordinary people, no pretensions or facades, 

but real people, it is truly a family.  

You will be warmly welcomed but not smothered.  

You will hear the Bible taught as the Word of God, 

but applied to life today with humor, stories and testimonies.  

You will laugh, you might cry, 

but our hope is that you will come face to face with God.

We invite you to do so through the songs, scripture, prayers 

and Bible based message. If you have questions, please ask.


When God Says, "Join Me!"
Show Details44min 6s
More Than Acquaintances
Show Details48min 33s
Our Plans; God's Plans
Show Details41min 41s
What an Honor! what a Joy
Show Details47min
Living After Dying
Show Details51min 42s
The Most Important Kind of Dying
Show Details48min 25s
Experiencing Delight in Relationship with God
Show Details42min 16s
The Unexpected, Wonderful Voice of God
Show Details41min 48s
Riding Tandem: Trust and Obey
Show Details43min 35s
Cloud of Crowds
Show Details47min 18s
The Training for the Christ-Following Endurance Race
Show Details43min 15s
Instructions for the Christ-Following Endurance Race
Show Details38min
Running the Christ-Following Endurance Race
Show Details48min 59s
Celebrating Being Found by God
Show Details1hr 20min
Cooperation with God to Enjoy Life
Show Details40min 6s
Declaring Loyalty; Experiencing Gog
Show Details41min 52s
Letting God Open Our Eyes
Show Details45min 19s
When God Asks Us Questions
Show Details42min 50s
When God Leads Us Through Angst
Show Details45min 23s
When God Connects the Dots
Show Details49min 37s
What Means "the Whole World" to You?
Show Details48min 56s
When Loving God and Loving People Clash
Show Details47min 48s
The Most Important Math
Show Details56min 20s
The Greatest Ambush in History
Show Details44min 27s
The Ride, The Meal and The Sacrifice
Show Details47min 33s
Only Through Conversation with Gog
Show Details54min 45s
What Did You say, Lord
Show Details52min 33s
Walking & Talking with Jesus
Show Details53min 2s
Following Jesus Together
Show Details45min 9s
Following Jesus for Real
Show Details47min 46s
The Choice About Your Stuff That Determines Everything
Show Details46min 33s
Walk This Way
Show Details45min 23s
Recognizing Idolatry
Show Details30min 53s
Can You Hear Me Now?
Show Details47min 56s
Go with God's Nudges
Show Details49min 28s
Persevere with Intensity Through Knees and Nedges
Show Details50min 5s
Show Details40min 25s
Right-Side Up Dealing with Loss
Show Details48min 24s
Seeing and Living Right-Side Up
Show Details46min 47s
The God Who is Light
Show Details53min 17s
The God Who Never Gives Up
Show Details20min 6s
Jesus is Always There
Show Details47min 59s
Back to the Beginning
Show Details47min 11s
The "SLO" Lifestyle
Show Details58min 44s
Recapturing Satisfaction with God
Show Details50min 29s
True Confession
Show Details45min 35s
True Confession of Sin
Show Details45min 33s
Confession in More Than Good for the Soul
Show Details49min 25s
Rocks and Ripples
Show Details44min 42s
Where Did Those Weeds Come From
Show Details31min 54s
Facing the Music
Show Details52min 41s
Living in Denial or Coming Clean
Show Details40min 54s