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Welcome to the New Powers Podcast where we discuss Comic Book Films, TV Shows, Animation and Gaming. This is a weekly show where we will tackle the big topics in the industry but also speak about and get sweaty about all the things we love. 


#9 Top 5 Animated Movies Of All Time - New Powers Podcast Episode 9 #animation​ #batman​ #pixar​ #disney
Show Details2hr 5min
WandaVision Episode 3 Spoiler Review- The Good, The Bad, The Score
Show Details7min 55s
#8 Superhero Draft Death Battle Part 1- New Powers Podcast Episode 8 #supermanvs #drfatevs #theflashvs
Show Details1hr 7min
WandaVision Spoiler Talk Episode 1&2- New Powers Podcast
Show Details35min 55s
Batman: Soul Of The Dragon Non Spoiler Review -The Good, The Bad, The Score #Batman #Comics #DC
Show Details4min 52s
#7 Justice League Snyder Cut : What We Want To See - New Powers Podcast #comics
Show Details58min 21s
#6 Our Most Disappointing Comic Book Movies-New Powers Podcast Episode 6 #comics #films #reviews
Show Details1hr 23min
#5 Our Top Six Pokemon - New Powers Podcast Episode 5 #anime #comics #comicbooktalk (No Legendary, Mega Evolution, God Pokemon)
Show Details37min 51s
#4 How Would You Introduce The X-MEN To The MCU? - New Powers Podcast
Show Details58min 58s
Spoilers: Wonder Woman 1984 Review: This Film Is Bad
Show Details51min 46s
Wonder Woman 1984 Review
Show Details10min 31s
#3 Our Top 3 Video Games Of All Time- New Powers Podcast
Show Details46min 37s
#2 Is Man Of Steel The Greatest Comic Book Film Of All Time?- New Powers Podcast
Show Details53min 29s
#1 Marvel Or DC Who Better Positioned For Success In The Next Few Years?- New Powers Podcast
Show Details41min 44s