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New Perspective

Your perspective creates your reality. Throughout our lives,we have unconsciously accepted negative, limiting outlooks on the world. Learning from the mindsets of these insightful individuals will give you the power to transform your life, and see the world through a new lens. Let's open our minds.


BURNING MAN: Everything You Need to Know
Show Details1hr 2min
Into the Invisible Real
Show Details2hr 6min
Virtual Reality: Are We Creating a Simulation?
Show Details1hr 17min
A New Way to Heal
Show Details46min 1s
Memento Mori
Show Details10min 43s
A New Perspective on VRChat and the Metaverse
Show Details9min 56s
A New Perspective on Yourself
Show Details1hr 12min
My Fathers Perspective
Show Details1hr 18min
The Travelers Perspective
Show Details1hr 10min
What They Don't Teach You
Show Details1hr 14min
A New Perspective on Death
Show Details1hr 17min
A New Perspective on Dreams and Astral Travel
Show Details2hr 1min
The Perspective of Responsibility
Show Details1hr 8min
The Perspective of Spirituality and Music
Show Details1hr 31min
The Perspective of Existential Psychology
Show Details1hr 53min
The Power of Perspective
Show Details1hr 45min