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New Music Digest

Music is meant to be listened to with friends! Aaron and Denee' listen live with you to this week's new music just like you would with a friend, scanning through with conversation. Part review, part conversation, part game show, but mostly lame food metaphors.


42: Beck to Beck
Show Details51min 54s
41: Harmony Tingles
Show Details47min 21s
40: Victorious Secret
Show Details45min 35s
39: Bird Chorus
Show Details42min 24s
38: Dulcet Tones
Show Details47min 38s
37: Cutting Stone
Show Details35min 5s
36: Bounce My Ball
Show Details38min 51s
35: Shot of Pickle Juice
Show Details45min 13s
34: Fourth Bite
Show Details26min 46s
33: Roller Skates
Show Details33min 34s
32: Nature's Cowbell
Show Details33min 10s
31: Reheated 2017
Show Details36min 53s
30: Grammer-Mammers
Show Details30min 28s
29: Baby on the Road
Show Details45min 43s
28: Swiftboats
Show Details43min 29s
27: Snark Tank
Show Details33min 31s
26: Choazz
Show Details41min 56s
25: Grimmy Noms
Show Details37min 16s
14: Banana Chip
Show Details1hr 4min
24: Toilet Talk
Show Details39min 20s
23: Madylin
Show Details36min 15s
22: Wildermusic
Show Details45min 32s
21: Country Roads
Show Details46min 55s
20: Bears and Beers
Show Details46min 6s
19: Always Love You
Show Details40min 53s
18: Sweaty Bread Gnome
Show Details49min 39s
17: Cry Wolf
Show Details45min 58s
16: Imps and Demons
Show Details44min 13s
15: Stranger Things
Show Details39min 12s
13: Glowing Veneers
Show Details1hr
12: Colon Spirit
Show Details1hr 1min
11: Dark Euphoria
Show Details59min 11s
10: Tiny Toast
Show Details1hr 1min
9: Paper Protein
Show Details58min 57s
8: Yoda Yoga
Show Details1hr 2min
7: Aural Lattice
Show Details1hr 3min
6: Bear Burritos
Show Details59min 12s
5: Wet Viruses
Show Details1hr 1min
4: Celtic Metal
Show Details58min 6s
3: The Ice Storm Feast
Show Details1hr 1min
2: A Little Indigestion
Show Details1hr 3min
1: Crackers and Boy Bands
Show Details58min 24s