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Never Sleep Alone

Sex and dating expert Dr. Alex Schiller* teams up with celebrity guests to tackle wild questions from anonymous callers in this hysterically funny podcast that entertains, empowers and educates. As The New York Times says: “Dr. Alex is darn good at what she does.” Listen now!

*Dr. Alex is not a real doctor.


S2:E5: The Three Ts-Tounges, Toys, Teasing
Show Details47min 5s
S2:E4: Sugar Daddies and Sudden Ejaculation
Show Details47min 51s
S2:E2: Poppers and Pansexuals
Show Details49min 58s
S2:E3: Short Term Goals and Long Distance BBCs
Show Details45min 53s
S2:E1: Sex Parties and Scar Stories
Show Details47min 22s
S1:E8: DP Virgins & Getting Off (The Apps)
Show Details33min 18s
S1:E7: Don’t Ignore The Back Door, Part 2: Another Very Special Anal Episode
Show Details32min 8s
S1:E6: Don’t Ignore The Back Door, Part 1: A Very Special Anal Episode
Show Details35min 16s
S1:E5: Pregnant Gang Bangs & Reinstating Your Virginity
Show Details36min
S1:E4: Is My Husband Gay?
Show Details48min 21s
S1:E3: Is It True Love, or Just Good Acid?
Show Details35min 41s
S1:E1: Nipplegate
Show Details33min 11s
S1:E2: Socially-Distanced Spit Roasts
Show Details41min 9s
Never Sleep Alone (Trailer)
Show Details1min