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Supergirl Has a Completely NEW LOOK in The Flash.. | Micheal Keaton's BATMAN!
Show Details11min
Anime Destroys Comics! They are "Floundering & Failing" Because of Piracy!
Show Details13min 1s
Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem #1 | Beautifully Heartbreaking
Show Details22min 46s
Loki Episode 2 | A Metacommenentary on TOXIC Fans!
Show Details11min 5s
Five Nights at Freddy's Creator Scott Cawthon QUITS | This is HUGE!
Show Details11min 15s
Batman Won't Go Down! | How Rude, Poor Catwoman!
Show Details9min 30s
DC Comics - Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow | Has She Lost Her Ability to Lose Hope?
Show Details13min 37s
Indiana Jones Director James Mangold Did NOTHING Wrong! | Change My Mind!
Show Details12min 58s
Static Season One #1 Review | Every Revolution Begins with a šŸ”„ SPARK šŸ”„
Show Details10min 15s
The BEST Indie Comics You Are NOT Reading | Karmen, Nocterra, Red Room & MORE!
Show Details15min 12s
Stargirl Season 2 Reaction and Breakdown | OMG! Ladies For The WIN!
Show Details7min 14s
Superman & Lois Does Diversity Right! | An ABSOLUTE MUST Watch!
Show Details13min 5s
Virtue Signaling is... Problematic! | Deep Messages from Shallow People
Show Details17min 51s
NEW Aquaman Announced! | Harley Quinn is Gonna 'Eat, Bang, Kill' - Sounds fun.. Right?!?
Show Details12min 11s
FIXING Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack (Music Included) šŸ¤˜
Show Details18min 39s
Loki Episode 1 Explained! | Heavy Spoilers Review & LADY LOKI!
Show Details13min 57s
Johnny Depp TRENDS on TWITTER!?!
Show Details8min 20s
The RUINING of BLACK Characters in DC Comics | Tim Drake is Bisexual & Batman is a CULT LEADER!
Show Details12min 13s
DC Comics Pride # 1 | I'm Not Gay, But $20 is $20!
Show Details28min 52s
The Internet ROAST Amber Heard! | A Message To Johnny Depp Fans!
Show Details10min 22s
CODE RED! Periods Are My SUPERPOWER! | Emilia Clarke is Making the GROSSEST Comic Book!
Show Details11min 35s
My Source Says Your Source is NOT a Source! | Addressing Fandom Menace "Rumors"
Show Details14min 21s
Max Landis Gets Canceled For not Being a WOKE SJW?! | Cancel Culture Comes For Comic Pros!
Show Details9min 58s
HUGE! NEW Connection Made From Amber Heard to SHADY Woman To RUIN Johnny Depp!
Show Details9min 23s
Marvel Comics Presents: FUTURE Flop of Captain Cootchie!
Show Details8min 45s
Sweet Tooth on Netflix is TRASH!
Show Details14min 25s
Poison Ivy Needs CLOTHES! | Injustice 2 CANCELED!
Show Details8min 7s
A QUICK History of LGBTQIA+ Characters in DC Comics! | And ALL My Favorites!
Show Details11min 2s
Poison Ivy Needs CLOTHES! | Injustice 2 CANCELED!
Show Details8min 7s
DISGRACEFUL! | Neil Gaiman ATTACKS & Gaslights Fans Over Death!
Show Details10min 48s
Jupiter's Legacy CANCELED As Netflix CONTINUES to RUIN Comic Book Adaptations
Show Details8min 46s
Neil Gaiman ATTACKS Fans YET.. 95% of COMIC Fans are NOT on Twitter?!?
Show Details13min 5s
Game Journalist ATTACK YouTubers! | The Art of Nuance is LOST!
Show Details13min 52s
DC Comics Celebrates Pride Month with Crush and Lobo #1
Show Details12min 24s
Heavy Metal Controversy - Context is KING!
Show Details17min 54s