The NeoScum Epilogue

1h 39m | Apr 1, 2023

At long last, we return to the world of NeoScum and revisit its colorful cavalcade of characters. Friends, enemies, lovers, strangers... and maybe even the NeoScum themselves.

// As the NeoScum Epilogue explores the entire extended NSU (NeoScum Universe™) — including one-off bits from several years ago, never-before-seen figures only ever alluded to, as well as characters and events from Patreon-exclusive NeoScum Gaiden episodes — it can be a lot to keep straight. For your convenience, we have provided an index of the various characters and their original (or primary) appearance in the show.


PP Prologue

  • The PPs are the PPs
  • Kronksaur, the non-canonical time-traveling dinosaur, is mentioned throughout the show when harassing Gannon


  • Orgene first appears in Ep 6: Kannabis Jak
  • Samantha Argyle first appears in Ep 1 of the SunUp Gaiden, and first (properly) appears on the main feed in Ep 56: The Hunt

Motel Owners

  • The Motel Owners first appear in Ep 30: Neo Vacancy

The Lich

  • The Lich’s acolytes first appear in Ep 81: Neo Genesis Evangeliscum
  • The Lich appears in Ep 82: Voice of Shadows

Blue Star

  • Ratz first appears in Ep 80: Way of Ratz


  • HnZ is briefly mentioned in Ep 1: Darkmovers, then does not appear until Ep 4 of the One Shot crossover. He reappears with the rest of SunUp in the SunUp Gaiden series


  • Bob Flenderson first appears in Ep 62: Blow This Scene
  • Bob is played by John Patrick Coan (JPC)
  • Jelly first appears in Ep 1 of the One Shot Crossover Episodes

Death Race

  • Pandora is first mentioned Ep 5: We Are NeoScum and first appears in the Sister’s Keeper Gaiden
  • Lydo briefly appears Ep 20: The Come Down and then properly appears in the Sister’s Keeper Gaiden.
  • Beer Greg appears in Ep 77: Join The Party (after being teased in Ep 76)
  • Kannabis Jak first appears in (the aptly titled) Ep 6: Kannabis Jak

Literalist Parking

  • The parking attendant robot first appears in Ep 44: Bad Lot
  • The Literalists first appear in Ep 12: Retail Therapy
  • Barft Vada first appears in Ep 27: Ursa Mayhem
  • Barft is played by Rashawn Scott

Good Boy and BZB

  • Beel Z Bub first appears in Ep 16: Quarter to Dead
  • Edmund Fitzgerald Kennedy (Good Boy) first properly appears in Ep 41: A Few Good Boys but he and his family get blown up in Ep 8: Appointment with Destiny
  • Good Boy is played by Jonah Cooper.

Shirley and Max

  • Shirley Guzman first appears in Ep 11: Born to Run
  • Max first appears in Ep 5: We are NeoScum

Script Reading

  • Alan Thatcher first appears in Ep 4: Fight Night
  • Grant Junctal first appears in Ep 10: Lights, Camera, Magic! (where it's mentioned he's based on Chr*s Pr*tt)
  • Grimaldo Goodfeather can be found in the SunUp Gaiden and fighting the Giga Giant in Ep 100: Scum Together (Finale, Act I)
  • The Doctor with the Cocktor first appears in Ep 49: Last Rights
  • Merv The Birb first appears in Ep 88: Scummer’s Five
  • Brandon Sanderson (the mysterious beast) is mentioned in Ep 88: Scummer’s Five

The Mettinrahl Estate

  • Bag Mettinrahl first appears in Ep 43: New Year, New Mexico
  • Merinway and Bag Mettnirahl both appear in Ep 47: Ride Along
  • Merinway is played by Meredith Stepien

Corporate Survival

  • Scott Free first properly appears in Ep 31: Do Not Disturb
  • Kyle Guntch and Tré Santivo both appear in the Corporate Survival Gaiden
  • Pornus Fettywap first appears in Ep 35: Whimpers and Bangs

Bloodbutt's Body Shop

  • Bloodbutt first appears in Ep 12: Retail Therapy
  • Goff first appears in Ep 70: Raining Death
  • Amon (the Z-scarred orc) briefly appears in Ep 58: Haunting Ground, returns at the end of Ep 97: Spirit of Xanadu, then finally in Ep 100: Scum Together

Candy Crush Casino

  • Prugl appears in the Miners of Ür Gaiden
  • Dreek first appears in Ep 50: 50/50 (this isn't exactly Dreek he's still dead — but you get the idea)
  • Holden Roth first appears in Ep 70: Raining Death

The Starscourge Brandon

  • Pat Rothfuss first appears in Ep 89: All In
  • Pat Rothfuss is played by Patrick Rothfuss

Nana and Lala

  • Nana first appears in Ep 13: No Looking Back
  • Lala first appears in Ep 19: Night Shift

Blister and Tré

  • Blister first appears Ep 32: Bring It In
  • HM Mathrick appears in "Actually, I won’t tell this one, you’re gonna have to dig to find out who this is." - Gannon Reedy

The One Who Watches the Waves

  • Rhon first appears in Ep 14: Rhon Away with Me
  • Rhon is played by Stephen Kropa
  • SG Holy Blood name is briefly mentioned in the Busting Dawn Gaiden and is alluded to in Ep 82: Voice of Shadows
  • Holy Blood mentions Zed and The Gentleman from the Cthulu Gaiden series.

4Get pt.2

  • The Rat Bastard’s Kris first appears in Ep 27: Ursa Mayhem and is prominently featured in the Fyre's Dungeon Arc

Scum Again

  • Xanadu first appears in Ep 1: Darkmovers
  • The NeoScum first appear in Ep 1: Darkmovers but live eternally in our hearts

Thank you for loving our show.

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The NeoScum Epilogue was edited by Casey Toney, with help from Mike Migdall and Esper Quinn. Hear more of Mike's work on the NeoScum Patreon and more of Esper's on Insert Credit.


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