The facts behind your favorite fiction


21: Wolf Creek and the Backpacker Killers
Show Details57min 24s
20: The Mothman Prophecies
Show Details42min 38s
19: Pumpkinhead and Carving Pumpkins
Show Details39min 42s
18: 31 and Halloween Kidnappings
Show Details49min 46s
17: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ed Gein – the ghoul who inspired the film
Show Details1hr 12min
16: Se7en and the Deadly Sins
Show Details54min 36s
15: Scream and Copy-Cat Killers
Show Details40min 13s
14: 10 Cloverfield Lane, ARG and Survivalism
Show Details37min 17s
13: The Boy and Haunted Dolls
Show Details24min 39s
12: The Conjuring 2 and the Enfield Poltergeist
Show Details46min 17s
11: Sinister, Snuff Films and the Boogieman
Show Details38min 59s
10: The Conjuring, the Story Behind the Film and the Warren Case Files
Show Details40min 35s
9: Alien Quadrilogy, the Films and their Production
Show Details56min 15s
8: Phantoms and Mass Disappearances
Show Details27min 21s
7: Midnight Meat Train, Film vs Short Story
Show Details31min 42s
6: Drag Me To Hell and Gypsy Curses
Show Details24min 28s
5: The Ninth Gate and Religious Symbols
Show Details39min 17s
4: Darkness Falls
Show Details22min 4s
3: An American Werewolf in London
Show Details23min 3s
2: Deathgasm
Show Details13min 12s
1: The Hateful Eight
Show Details25min 14s