• Roundball Ramble: Southwest Division Preview with David Williams!

    The Southwest Division is an interesting one this season, with generational talent in San Antonio, a star studded backcourt in Dallas, huge changes made in Houston and Memphis, and big questions in New Orleans. Joining Corban to talk all of that and much more is SportsEthos Grizzlies Host David Williams! From the highs to the lows, question marks, and more, its Ramble Time!

    Follow David on Twitter (Or X, or the Bird App) HERE: @NBADWill21

    1h 1m | Oct 2, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: Damian Lillard Trade Reaction!

    The latest Roundball Ramble is actually a crossover episode as Corban was a guest on Steven Bagell's "The Bird Rights" podcast to breakdown the Damian Lillard trade from all angles! How does Dame fit with the Bucks? Did the Blazers get enough back in return? How do the Suns grade out in the midst of all of this? And then to close, the two break down possible Jrue Holiday trades, includinfg (SPOILER) the one that actually ended up happening!

    55m | Oct 2, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: Pacific Division Preview w Richard Lu!

    ITS NBA KICKOFF MONTH Y'ALL! Corban was back with author and basketball analyst Richard Lu to preview what he thinks is the toughest division in the NBA this season: The Pacific Division. The two look at all each team, the moves they made, and dicuss the strengths and weaknesses, from the Lakers to the Clippers, the Suns to the Warriors, and yes, the Kings as well!

    So sit back, relax, and plug in!

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    54m | Oct 1, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble:Team USA Retrospective and NBA Alamanc w Richard Lu!

    What is good Ramble fans! Corban was back with author and basketball analyst Richard Lu to look back on Team USA's underwhelming finish, what went wrong, and what to look forward to! Then, they discussed Richard's newest book, The 2023-2024 NBA Preview Almanac and some of the fun futures found within! As always, a fun episode and a great listen, sooo...what are we waiting for!

    Follow Richard Lu on Twitter HERE: @rvlhoops

    Check out his books HERE: amazon.com/author/rvlhoops

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    53m | Sep 19, 2023
  • Basketball GM Creator Jeremy Scheff 15th anniversary mailbag!

    Corban had a special guest on the program for this one, as indie game dveloper and creator of "Basketball GM" Jeremy Scheff joined the show for a special mailbag episode from fans in celebration of 15 years of one of the great simulation basketball games around! Learn more about Jeremy's background and interests, Corban's obsession with the game, and some simply *great* questions from the Discord and Reddit Community!!

    Learn more about Jeremy and his great games HERE: https://zengm.com/

    Follow him on Tw- I mean "X", HERE: https://twitter.com/basketball_gm

    Want to play Basketball GM already? You can do that HERE: https://play.basketball-gm.com/

    Want to see where it all begin? Play the first version of Basketball GM HERE: https://basketball-gm.com/old/

    1h 38m | Aug 14, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: NBA Offseason Superlatives with Mike Shearer!

    Corban was joined by Writer and NBA Analyst Mike Shearer to discuss the NBA offseason through the fun lenses of NBA superlatives! From "best player fit in the draft" to "most clueless offseason" listen to who made the cut and who...got cut here on this fun episode!


    Check out Mike on Twitter HERE: @bballispoetry

    Follow Mike's work and his website HERE: https://t.co/OMWNjwn03u

    Check out Basketball Intelligence and sign up for their AMAZING newsletter HERE: https://www.basketballintelligence.net/

    58m | Jul 26, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: NBA Offseason Shop Talk

    The basketball friend trio are back! Corban, Garrett, and Josh talk the NBA offseason with a little of what they liked, a bit of what they didn't, and more in the middle! Another fun episode that went some interesting directions, be sure to tune in!

    59m | Jul 26, 2023
  • 2023 Draft Prospects with Garrett Bugay

    Time Stamps:

    Victor Wembenyama - 8:20

    Brandon Miller - 32:13

    Scoot Henderson - 38:38

    Amen Thompson - 54:31

    Cam Whitmore - 1:12:48

    Ausar Thompson - 1:18:42

    Anthony Black/Cason Wallace - 1:23:05

    Sidy Cissoko - 1:27:44

    Keyonte George - 1:31:48

    Dariq Whitehead/Nick Smith Jr. - 1:36:59

    Jarace Walker/Taylor Hendricks - 1:38:15

    Jordan Walsh/Jett Howard/James Nnaji/Bilal Coulibaly - 1:45:46

    Dereck Lively - 1:51:36

    Leonard Miller - 1:56:11

    Kobe Bufkin - 2:02:50

    Maxwell Lewis/GG Jackson - 2:05:15

    Brice Sensabaugh - 2:09:08

    2h 16m | Jun 18, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: 2nd Round Preview with Ron Gutterman!!!

    The first round is in the books, on to the next one! Corban is again joined by NBA/Lakers Analyst Ron Gutterman to break down each series! You know how it go, it's Rambling Time!!

    45m | May 1, 2023
  • BONUS EPISODE: Kings vs Warriors Preview with Erik!

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.....the Sacramento Kings are in the playoffs and we are in for a treat. Joining me to break down their first round series against the Golden State Warriors is good friend of the show and loyal Kings fan Erik! In this fun show, we hear some hot takes, X-factors, predictions, and more! Its game time!

    37m | Apr 15, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: 1st Round Playoff Preview with Ron Gutterman!

    It's **officially** playoff time, and Corban brought on good friend and NBA/Lakers Analyst Ron Gutterman to break down each first round series! From the easy matchups to the seven gamers and everything in between, it's Rambling Time!!

    52m | Apr 14, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: SportsEthos Playoff Panel Preview!

    This week Corban was one of four different SportsEthos hosts who gathered to talk through their predictions of the playoffs from Play-In game to the NBA Finals! Hosted by the Bird Rights Podcast, this is a fun discussion worth checking out!

    1h 26m | Apr 14, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: Talking 2023 NBA Draft with Aaron Pearlstein

    In a Roundball Ramble/Roster Reconstruction crossover, I am joined by NBA & FIBA Agent Consultant and Analyst Aaron Pearlstein to talk about this 2023 draft class! We discuss draft philosophy, the stars at the top, sleepers, and so much more! Let's go!

    49m | Apr 10, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: NBA Draft Philosophy-Best Player Available or Fit?

    Its March Madness and its BEEN draft season, but before diving deep into some draft coverage we have to build a foundation and for that Corban brought on the great Josh Url and Garrett Bugay to discuss one key component of draft philosophy: BPA or Fit? Enjoy this great discussion and look forward to more thought-provoking and fun basketball philosophy talk!

    1h 7m | Mar 18, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: MASSIVE Trade Deadline Recap with the Dream Team of Analysis! (team name pending, haha)

    Let's cut to the chase. Garrett Bugay, Josh Url, and yours truly, breaking down EACH and EVERY trade from the deadline in a massive extravanganza of a pod. Its a must listen...and a damn good one if I may be perfectly honest.

    Let's goooooo!!

    2h 11m | Feb 10, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: Northwest Trade Guide with Josh Url!

    Friend of the show Josh Url joins the podcast to cover the Northwest Division! We take a brief look at the Nuggets from Josh's perspective (for a deep dive, look at our previous episode with Garrett Bugay) and then go from there through the rest of the division! Let's ramble!

    56m | Feb 8, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: Denver Nuggets Trade Guide with Garrett Bugay!

    It is the Denver Nuggets next up on our trade guide series as the great Garrett Bugay make his triumphant return into NBA podcasting! We start with a brief discussion of Garrett's experience in the SportsEthos Mock Trade Deadline, then we go into an extensive Nuggets conversation looking at all that is likely with them as we approach the deadline!

    59m | Feb 6, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble: Washington Wizards Trade Guide with Carthan Farrar!!

    Next up in our trade guide series is the Washington Wizards with friend of the show Carthan Farrar! We start with a roster evaluation and then move to a spirited discussion on the team building dtrategy of the Wizards with even some Caron Butler talk! No stone was left untouched in this deep dive on a team that is committed to staying the course, results be danged!

    1h 43m | Feb 4, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble/Bird Rights Crossover Pod Mock Trade Deadline Finale!!!

    Well, they do say all good things must end, and with that here is the finale of the Roundball Ramble crossover with Steven Bagell of the Bird Rights Pod, where we close out the simulated deadline with our own moves, transactions we found interesting, and how if any of what was done in our own sandbox will make its way to NBA reality!

    45m | Feb 3, 2023
  • Roundball Ramble/Bird Rights Crossover Pod Mock Trade Deadline Part 4!!

    Happy Tuesday Part four of the mock trade deadline crossover Steven Bagell of the Bird Rights Pod is here, and the guests are aplenty. Let's rock!

    1h 27m | Jan 31, 2023
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