NBA Today

From the Hoop Ball podcast database... join self proclaimed NBA super-fan Corban Ford as he talks the ins and outs of the NBA from all angles! From current, hot topics to flashbacks from the NBA past to everything in between, NBA Today has got you covered!


New Show Format During Era of Quarantine
Show Details6min 24s
What Are the Players Doing During the Break?
Show Details20min 35s
Is this Giannis-LBJ MVP Discussion Really Still Happening?
Show Details30min 54s
Coronavirus and the NBA
Show Details25min 42s
Lakers Have Best Weekend Ever; Atkinson Axed
Show Details29min 15s
Clips-Rockets Review, Steph with the Shot, Dion to LA
Show Details32min 25s
Be Easy Malik Beasley, Clippers-Rockets Clash of Titans
Show Details24min 49s
The Hate for James Dolan Has Spiked
Show Details35min 1s
MVP Dive, Annoying Face Club
Show Details34min 50s
The Beginning, or Happy Kudos Day
Show Details29min 18s
The Buyout Market
Show Details19min 33s