• Episode 02 | Cameron Singh | The Heart Behind Navigation and Discovery

    My good friend Travis who is co-host of The Leadership Download Podcast interviews me on my own podcast. The purpose of this reverse interview is to provide insights into the heart behind my first book, Navigation and Discovery: A Path of Navigating And Discovering Through Your Journey of Faith. You can get your copy at www.CameronSinghBook.com

    30m | Mar 24, 2023
  • Episode 01 | Eric Hietala | Reflections of a Mentor-Mentee Relationship

    Eric Hietala has been a long-time mentor and great friend of mine and I bring on Eric to share his story, reflect on our mentee-mentor relationship, and share life lessons through his journey. Eric has been an executive in the business aviation industry and Eric and I crossed paths at the first company I worked for within the aviation industry. I actually met him on day 1 of starting the job.

    26m | Feb 16, 2023
  • Podcast Trailer

    Launching February 16th! Check out a sneak preview of my new podcast Navigation and Discovery with Cameron Singh. As you may know, I wrote a book called Navigation and Discovery: A Path of Navigating and Discovering Through Your Journey of Faith. You can preorder your copy today at cameronsinghbook.com

    This book goes through my journey of navigating and discovering my true passion and calling that God has called me to live out.

    Navigation and Discovery is a podcast where I will bring on guests and some of these guests you will know. I will bring on guests to the podcast so that they can share their stories and some life lessons from their journey of navigating through the journey of life.

    Having conducted many interviews already for the podcast, I was able to take a deep dive with individuals that I have known for years and learned a lot that I did not know. No topic is off the table.

    The purpose of this podcast is to allow you to learn from other people and that it may help you navigate and discover your passion, purpose, and calling.

    The first podcast releases on February 16th, where I interview my great mentor and friend, Eric Hietala. I have a fantastic lineup of guests for this podcast and I am very excited for you to hear their stories.

    1m | Feb 13, 2023
Navigation and Discovery with Cameron Singh