Nate & Friends

Nate & Freinds is about expressing how you feel and your opinions without having a mob attack you, and I like to talk about mental health as I suffer from anxiety, panic, and depression, and I can be funny at times but not very much lol.


Current Situation in Wisconsin
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Just talking About Anxiety
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Just a Little Sunday Happiness
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Getting Personal (Panic, Anxiety, Depression)
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I'm Back - Random Thoughts
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Lets Talk Folks
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Animal Cruelty Story and Discussion
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St Louis Couple Thoughts COUNTRY IN CHAOS
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What Defunding The Police Looks Like
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My Thoughts on Atlanta Shooting
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What Happened to This Country
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Texas Mall Packed - Talking updates
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The Ultra Mk Files - Mind Control
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The Kidnapping of Hitler & Nazi Germany
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Coronavirus Talk Must Listen
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Secrets of The Nazi Treasure
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Dr. Anthony Fauci's ex-employee, was jailed, finally tells all.
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Nazis in The CIA
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FREEDOM Over fear - Will We Get Our Freedom Back
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Two California Doctors Break there Silence On Coronavirus
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Bill Gates Created Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory
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Dr. Erickson & Dr. Massihi Talk Current Quarantine Approach Could Be Wrong.
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Distancing 6 Feet Apart - Could Be Very Bad
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Business Owner Arrested Rights violated Finished
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Snowden Warns Governments Are Using Coronavirus to Build ‘the Architecture of Oppression’
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Dr. Rashid Buttar EXPOSES The Fake Corona As Economy American Collapses
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Dr. John Ioannidis Interview on COVID-19
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Coronavirus know the Truth
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Coronavirus The Start
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Part 10 The Fall of the Cabal
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Part 8 & 9 The Fall of the Cabal
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Part 6 & 7 The Fall of the Cabal
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Part 3 & 4 The Fall of the Cabal
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Part 1 & 2 The Fall of the Cabal
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Good Times With The Lovely Haley K
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Corona Virus Talk
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Throwing Paddles
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I Was A young Lad
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Corona Virus & Haley’s Air Pods
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Failing Bike Jumps
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Spilled Grape Soda
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Started Skating (Storytelling)
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Life After Death
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Just shooting the Shit
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Universes Colliding
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Kelly Jo is Back Folks
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Earth as Big as The Sun
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We Reserved Half World For Wildlife
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Pandemic Hitting The World (Corona Virus)
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Venice Fly Trap and Humans
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#7 – Kelly Jo (Holy Hell Kelly Jo)
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#6 – Kelly Jo (Buckle up For Laughs LOL)
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#5 – Kelly Jo (Family, Friends and More)
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#4 – Sam & Daon (Real World Issues, Climate Issues)
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#3 – Natasha Bouton (Mental Health, Religion, and Being Spiritual)
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#2 – Rob Schroeder (Music, Trump, Society, Life, and More)
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#1 – Sam Gulotta (Culture, Society, Government, Business and More)
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