• #11 - Gingy

    My First Thousand #11 - Gingy

    In today's episode, we’re joined by Gingy, a reviewer, essayist and game journalist who has been making content for almost half a decade - starting when he was just 16. We take a deep dive into his career on YouTube and how he’s achieved successful growth. We discuss work ethic, discipline, sunk cost fallacy and how perfectionism can be the enemy of progress when creating. 

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    1h 11m | Jul 7, 2021
  • #10 - Tyler Mowery

    In today's episode, we’re joined by Tyler Mowery, screenwriter, essayist and teacher. He makes well researched lectures about writing in film and television, to help people become better writers.

    He has undergone a variety of screenwriting related challenges, such as writing a feature film in 48 hours. In addition, he teaches a course directly for aspiring writers. He's also written an ebook on the subject, available on his website.

    Tyler currently resides and works in the film industry in LA, California.

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    55m | Jun 13, 2021
  • #9 - Chloe Tan

    In today's episode, we’re joined by Chloe Tan, a University of Chicago student studying Economics and Data Science who makes videos about college life, her side hustles and helping others with their college admissions.

    Described as a role model by Kelly Stamps, Chloe's focus on informing others and showcasing her life in Chicago make her vlogs fun and useful. We chat about her journey on starting her YouTube channel and how her content has grown over the past 3 years.

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    58m | May 30, 2021
  • #8 - Alice Cappelle

    In today's episode, we’re joined by Alice Cappelle, a commentary YouTuber who makes a variety of well researched, critical video essays on media culture and the YouTube ecosystem.

    We chat about her journey to 30 thousand subscribers in just six months and how she's developed as a creator. We consider her entrepreneurial endeavours and how her well reasoned critiques of mainstream YouTubers, particularly within 'hustle' subgenre have had such substantial support - including a subscription from Matt D'Avella.

    We also hear her advice to anyone considering starting a channel on YouTube. Check out her channels:

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    55m | May 9, 2021
  • #7 - finzar

    In today's episode, we’re joined by finzar, a British editing guru at the forefront of the gaming space, who provides editing guides and tutorials of techniques that are now instantly recognisable within the genre. 

    We chat about his journey to 120 thousand subscribers, and what tips are essential to anyone looking to grow their channel. We take a deep dive into his thoughts on YouTube, and how creators should prioritise in order to enjoy the journey.

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    1h 6m | Apr 19, 2021
  • #6 - RennsReviews

    Today, I'm joined by RennsReviews where we discuss developing new ideas in the Game Reviewer space, filming in public and the ethics of influencer marketing.

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    1h 1m | Mar 22, 2021
  • #5 - Leadhead

    Today, I'm joined by Leadhead where we explore the use of introspection when analysing art, ethics within videogames and her experience gaining 100k subscribers in just a few short weeks.

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    1h 11m | Feb 21, 2021
  • #4 - LFC Focus

    Today, I'm joined by Will of LFC Focus where we chat about his journey as a creator, from a fan to de facto journalist of Liverpool FC. We explore how he manages a heavy schedule alone, and how he has developed his confidence on camera over the past few years.

    LFC Focus: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRFz2ujIsfmUkAyWIRdSwDQ

    LFC Focus on Twitter:


    1h 7m | Jan 27, 2021
  • #3 - Madelaine Turner

    I'm joined by Madelaine Turner where we chat about her insane 7 month growth on TikTok, her unique style of self-taught filmmaking and portrait cinematography with phones.

    Madelaine Turner's socials:

    TikTok: @madelaineturner

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuY6YPvFltNTk8GNqU2lBBw

    Instagram: @turnermadelaine

    Twitter: @turnermadelain

    1h 14m | Jan 17, 2021
  • #2 - Carlos Costa

    Today, I'm joined by Carlos Costa where we talk GoPro, entrepreneurship and adventure filmmaking.

    Carlos Costa:


    1h 0m | Jan 17, 2021
  • #1 - Quick Kits

    In our pilot episode, I'm joined by Owen of Quick Kits where we talk about growth, production value and filming scale models.

    Quick Kits:


    1h 12m | Jan 17, 2021
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    0m | Jan 17, 2021
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