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My Three Dads Podcast

A Podcast about Fatherhood and the Cartoons that our Young Children make us watch over and over and over again.

With Marshall Givens, Robert Clarke-Chan, and Ray Stakenas


Gabby's Dollhouse and Screaming Babies
Show Details51min 14s
KIHTP/My 3 Dads Crossover Bonanza
Show Details1hr 18min
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and How much violence is too much?
Show Details49min 15s
Trotro and Back to School
Show Details48min 20s
Pinwheel and Getting Rid of Naps
Show Details55min 29s
Sesame Street and Theme Parks
Show Details52min 5s
Pui Pui Molcar and Vacations
Show Details43min 41s
Tumble Leaf and Getting Back to Normal
Show Details44min 19s
InBESTigators and Dealing with Illness
Show Details50min 22s
Bluey and Keeping Clothes On
Show Details45min 30s
Beat Bugs and Dinnertime
Show Details48min 15s
Chico Bon Bon & Things Our Kids Say
Show Details42min 45s
Cocomelon & Bedtime
Show Details42min 27s