Surviving a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship

Season 1 | Episode 4
1h 29m | Jan 17, 2021

This episode may trigger unwanted memories, if you are a survivor of an abusive relationship, and do not feel ready to listen to the real experience of two other survivors, please do NOT listen to this episode. Please only listen to this episode if you know you will be able to handle it. Thank you for taking care of yourself.

Whether you have been in an abusive relationship, known a narcissistic person or only have heard about this from friends, family or the media, this issue is one that is only growing larger by the day. It is extremely unfortunate, but narcissism is a pathological mental disorder that is not only growing especially in the United States, but is actually growing more evenly across both genders. More and more women are being diagnosed as pathological narcissists and its not wonder. When you look at our media, the mainstream music, film and television, what is being broadcast is extremely self-empowering and self-worshipping. The cult of self-affirmation is nothing less than another appearance from, you guessed it, satan himself.

Having studied satanism, new age spirituality, conversations with women like Heather, and studying the Bible, it has become very clear that this issue is not only a mental disorder, but a spiritual war.

This episode may have a segment called the Laugh Bath like any other, but this topic is extremely serious and I pray that the message reaches the right person. If you are in an abusive relationship, think you might be in a partnership with a narcissist, or are just wanting to learn more about this demonic experience, I encourage you to listen and share with anyone you think needs to hear this.

In this episode I meet with holistic coach Heather Cate. She has developed many resources to help people get out of and heal from narcissistic abusive relationships. She has been generous enough to share her story with us, as well as listen to my story and give insight as to what exactly was going on. To top it off, she shares some practical tips and advice for anyone who may be in or know someone in an abusive relationship with a narcissist. Heather has been involved with holistic health and spirituality for about 30 years, and has pursued unconventional paths in order to heal herself when conventional medicine and therapies did not work for her, and she is passionate about helping others find solutions that work for them.

Both Heather and myself have survived abusive relationships involving narcissists. In this episode we share those experiences, and for the first time I am publicly sharing my experience. Please stay tuned in with me for the book release Shadow of a Sunflower which will go in depth about my abuse, my thoughts and experiences and my story afterwards. Complete with real journal entries and censored names, you will be sure to fully grasp the reality of how dangerous it is to think like I was.

When talking with Heather, I am reminded of the scripture

Matthew 5:44 

"But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you."

Just make sure to keep a safe distance.

If you are ready to move forward out of the darkness and into the light I highly encourage you to check out heathers free resources and her course at the following links!

Heather Cate:

Website: Peacock and Paisley

YouTube: Peacock & Paisley


Facebook: Heather Cate

Shannon Vasilakes


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