My Sister Wisdom Official Relaunch Trailer! Episode 0: Conversations to Sanctifications

Season 1 | Episode 1
13m | Jan 3, 2021

Hello Sweet Seeds and welcome back to my podcast! I have relaunched as My Sister Wisdom and I am here today with you one on one to explain who I am, why I did this relaunch, what's happening on the podcast, and where it is going! Destination = sanctification!

*Disclaimer* Many of the people and recorded podcast episodes were chosen/done before I was saved, so controversy is an inevitable part of this podcast. HOWEVER! I have chosen to move forward despite my own discomfort or the discomfort of others to show love, care and to be a voice to those who may not have heard the Good News! I am not here to force, convert, or shame anyone. Only to conversate, grow together, and deepen the faith of my listeners, and myself!*

If you would like to have a personal conversation with me feel free to drop a comment or send me a personal email at I'd be happy to hear what's on your heart and in your mind. Convict me! Ask me questions! Let's grow together. Shine on, Shan.

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