Depression, Anxiety and the Nervous System - Spoken word + Guided Meditation

Season 1 | Episode 6
25m | Oct 12, 2020

*Disclaimer: trigger warning, may not be appropriate for all ages, all people. Listen at your own discretion.*

Many of us who have struggled through depression or anxiety haven't actually been told why they are experiencing such heavy and difficult symptoms. Mental illness often doesn't look nearly as difficult as it is. Our nervous system sometimes actually makes things harder for us by reacting and overreacting to some situations where no reaction may have sufficed. Our body is not responding in such a way that allows you to remain calm. Much of this comes from childhood coping mechanisms that we are totally unaware of. So by recognizing the energies and going deeper into them in the moment, we allow ourselves the opportunity to see just how much we actually over power these emotions. It won't be easy. But if you are ready for the challenge of a lifetime, dive in! I'll show you how I swim through these muggy waters and rise to the top like a beautiful lotus. 

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